Graduate Ready

Aja’ Johnson '19

Aja’ Johnson ’19 says she was able to combine her passion with her future career goals by double majoring in art and business.

Aja' on campus

After attending community college, Aja’ was on the search for a new school to continue her education. While on a tour, she was so impressed by the facilities and welcoming community she decided on IC for her new home. Aja’ says the faculty at IC helped her to combine her major in art with business by introducing her to art marketing and management. 

Aja’ feels the aid career services provides to students is an invaluable asset. She says they helped her with interview techniques by having mock interviews, and she walked away from the experience much more prepared and confident. Aja' believes her academic education combined with the interview tricks she learned at career services make her a competitive applicant for future employment. 

“Professors don’t treat you as a number but as your own person.”