Faculty & Staff


Jocelyn Lanorio

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Parker Science Building, Room 211
Research Interests
Inorganic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Catalysis
University of Nevada, Reno | Ph.D. | Chemistry
Michigan State University | M.S. | Chemistry
University of the Philippines | B.S. | Chemistry

Dr. Lanorio is an organometallic chemist interested in the development and application of transition metal complexes in catalysis. The goal of her research is to address the synthesis and reactivity questions using a combination of spectroscopic techniques such as multinuclear NMR, UV-Vis, and FT-IR spectroscopy. She teaches Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, General Chemistry, CHEM Senior Seminar II, and Organic Chemistry.

I enjoy conducting research with students - creating new molecules, putting atoms in fun and unusual ways, encountering the unexpected, and solving puzzles! Recently, one of the students working with me was invited to the American Chemical Society (ACS) Conference to present the results of her research to a national audience. ACS C&EN Chemistry in Pictures featured an image from one of her experiments to study concepts of isomerism in inorganic complexes (