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Admitted Student Weekend

Admitted Student Weekend | Session Descriptions

Student Organization Leaders Panel | Center for Student Involvement
Interested in becoming a student leader, but don't know how to get started? Join the CSI for a special Student Organization Leaders Panel! Featuring 5 outstanding student leaders who are involved in diverse campus organizations and understand the value of leadership and involvement at Illinois College.  Attendees will learn about how to start a student organization, how to run an established student organization, how to pursue leadership opportunities and grow as a leader on campus, and more. Come to this session and learn how to get involved!

Preparing for Healthcare Careers at Illinois College | Dr. Laura Corey
A liberal arts education is great preparation for a career in health care! IC students go on to graduate programs to become physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, and more. At Illinois College, you'll receive personalized advice and guidance to prepare for a career in the health professions. We work with each student to ensure that they not only complete the required courses on time, but also gain clinical and research experience to help them focus on the right career path for them.

Sports Marketing - Moving Fans Up the Ladder | Dr. John Drea
Sports marketing is different from regular marketing in several key areas.  In this interactive session, you will work with Dr. John Drea to develop strategies for how to move fans up the "sports Marketing ladder" in order to maximize financial returns.

Leaving on a Jet Plane - Studying Abroad at IC | Dr. Almut Spalding
Studying abroad provides you with the opportunity to gain a different perspective, not only on academic subjects but also the way of life. Whether you adjust to afternoon siestas in Spain or learn about holistic medicine in Jamaica, study abroad lets you look at yourself, your world, and your studies from a different perspective.

Debate & Speech: Finding Your Voice | Professor Shawna Merrill and Dr. Adam Jones
At this presentation, Head Coach Shawna Merrill will talk about the Debate and Speech Team. At IC, debate and speech competitors receive individualized coaching and work with some of the nation's top coaches and communication faculty. Unlike some other programs, debate and speech competitors at IC will begin attending tournaments and competing right away, learning valuable presentation, argumentation, and critical thinking skills. As members of the team, students are provided all the resources they need to develop heightened communication skills, no matter their previous background. Professor Merrill will talk to students about these opportunities, the history of the team, and the educational benefits of debate and speech. The presentation will conclude with a fun, introductory debate and role-playing activity.

Children, Rats, Videogames, and Beyond: Research in Psychology | Dr. Elizabeth Rellinger Zettler & Dr. Caitlin Vasquez-O'Brien
Come to this session to learn more about the wonders of psychology! The Psychology Department will highlight recent student-faculty research projects and also discuss internship and travel opportunities available to students interested in psychology. 

Who Will You Be After Graduation? | Susie Drake, Office of Career Services
A lot will change in the next four years! You’ll complete a major (or two); get involved on campus; and connect your classroom learning to life with experiential learning. Join the discussion with Career Services and a few current students to help with ideas of your major, how you’ll get involved, and what you will do after graduating from Illinois College.

Art and the Gifted and Talented Myth | Professor Matthew Mogle
Join us for a Creative Expression – Studio experience. Attendees will participate in a drawing workshop to dispel common misconceptions of art. Creativity isn’t a gift but a skill that resides within all of us. New experiences foster our imagination and cultivate creativity. If we are encouraged to take risks and embrace failure, innovation is inevitable. The key to innovation is to begin looking at things differently. Why not start with drawing to gain a new perspective?