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The Physics Department provides insight into the relationship of humans to their physical world. Courses are centered around the development of our modern concepts of matter and energy and how these affect humans, directly and indirectly.

For employment opportunities in science, engineering, business, and a vast assortment of interdisciplinary fields, physics courses at a variety of levels provide understanding of physical principles so that the productive citizen can use them for the benefit of himself/herself, employers, and society. Advanced courses provide a background valuable for admission to graduate school in physics, engineering, medicine, dentistry, law, business management, and many other subjects, and for professional secondary education.
What opportunities are available for students interested in Physics with engineering?
The faculty in the Department of Physics have worked with students on research projects. Students learn the process of research (developing a question, planning the experiment, analyzing results), learn key laboratory skills and use of machinery, and can show future employers or graduate programs their abilities.

What do Physics majors do after graduating?

A recent graduate went to Kenya in the peace corps as a science teacher; he has also been accepted into a physics graduate program.

Faculty in the Department of Physics

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