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The Biochemistry major is administered jointly by the Biology and Chemistry departments.
Biochemists investigate the chemical reactions and mechanisms that govern and regulate life. Biochemistry, therefore, combines the broad perspectives of biology and chemistry and uses diverse approaches to examine the chemistry of living things. The curriculum includes courses in chemistry and biology, and provides students with expertise at the interface of these disciplines. The mastery of fundamentals in biology and chemistry permits students to seamlessly integrate ideas from both areas of science and approach problems from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The biochemistry curriculum incorporates class instruction with significant laboratory work, including experimental approaches in protein and nucleic acid chemistry, cell biology, biophysics, and molecular biology. Independent research is encouraged and research opportunities are provided. The Biochemistry major is administered jointly by the Biology and Chemistry Departments (see the Biology and Chemistry Departments mission statements). Students majoring in Biochemistry are considered to be a part of both departments.

Faculty teaching in Biochemistry

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