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Chemistry affects all phases of our modern lives, from the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive, to the food we eat, to the houses in which we live. With substantial overlap between both the disciplines of biology and physics, chemistry is often called the “central science,” and a grounding in chemistry is beneficial for all science majors. The Department of Chemistry is committed to educating liberal arts students to think critically and independently and to communicate ideas effectively. It is the mission of the department to prepare students who wish to pursue:
:: Their intellectual curiosity about the nature of the physical world and the underlying chemical principles that govern it.
:: Admission to graduate programs in a) chemistry and related fields, b) health- professions fields, c) professional fields such as engineering.
:: Employment or service in areas such as business, industry, and government where a chemical and technical background is essential.
Other departmental options:
:: Biochemistry major. Refer to the catalog description under Biochemistry for details.
:: Environmental Biology (ENVS)/Chemistry combined major. This major emphasizes environmental analysis. Beyond the requirements for a B.S. ENVS major (CHEM 111, 112), the following courses in Chemistry are required: CHEM 111, 112, 203, 204 or 309, 211, and 312.
:: Minor in Chemistry. A Chemistry minor consists of CHEM 111, 112, 203, 204, and one additional chemistry course at the 200-level or above.
Opportunities for students interested in Chemistry:
Breakaway Program: Recent BreakAway trips have included several trips of particular interest for chemistry students. In 2006-07 Professor Yoder co-led a BreakAway to France. In 2008-09, chemistry students joined the BreakAway to Taiwan.
Joint Majors:
:: The Biochemistry major investigates the chemical reactions and mechanisms that grow and regulate life. Biochemists use the perspectives of both biology and chemistry. The curriculum includes courses from both departments. Majors can integrate ideas from both disciplines to create  new perspectives.
:: The Environmental Biology and Chemistry Combined Major emphasizes environmental analysis. Students complete the requirements for an Environmental Biology major (the natural/ physical science track) and CH 111, 112, 203, 204 or 309, 211 and 312

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