Student-Faculty Research

Illinois College is committed to supporting and promoting opportunities where students can discover, inquire, innovate, and create through research experiences.
Undergraduate research allows students to pursue their interests, to learn something new, to hone problem-solving skills, and to challenge themselves in new ways. Research opportunities are unique experiences to apply theories and published literature to ask questions and create approaches to discover original information.
Every field of study has its own research problems and methods. As a researcher, students seek answers to questions of interest to them. A research problem could be social, political, scientific, technical, or aesthetic. Students choose the tools, gather data, and analyze the results with the aid of a faculty mentor.
Summer is an especially good time for students to conduct research with faculty, though some research projects run throughout the year, and students also attend conferences with faculty. Special funds are available to support all of these experiences.
Interested? Contact a faculty member you would like to conduct research with or the Office of Career Services or Global Programming for details.

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