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Illinois College Convocation Program

Here is a guideline for all applicants:

Convocations are an integral part of the General Education program and are tied to the mission and vision of the College. Convocations are presentations for the campus community intended to foster "an academic and social environment marked by a pervasive sense of concern for the intellectual, moral, social, aesthetic, and spiritual development" of our students (Illinois College Vision Statement). The number of Convocations required for graduation is 30: four First Year Program Convocations and an additional 26 "General Education Convocations." Students will be expected to complete this requirement by the end of their junior year in order to emphasize the intellectual connections between these Convocations and their General Education courses. 
The Convocation committee strives to bring in special, non-local resources to the campus community to present programs or persons that students might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience, but not to the exclusion of quality programs or presentations from the local IC community
Please note that the convocation credit form has been revised. Applicants need to clearly explain (a) what students will learn or experience by attending the convocation and (b) how their learning will be assessed.

The convocation committee recognizes that assessing student learning for ALL students may be impossible, but it expects a description of how some student learning will be assessed. 

For example, faculty could require students to attend certain convocations and to write short essays, reviews, or responses about them; not all students attending would write essays, but the sponsor could describe what (some) students learned.

Alternatively, sponsors could create a Google Form survey (open-ended questions are strongly recommended) about the convocation. Sponsors can collect and analyze the survey data to document student learning. 
Below are two student learning assessment reports that have been approved by the Convocation Committee:
Download Student Learning Assessment Report - 2

In short, there are a wide variety of ways that student learning can be defined and assessed. The convocation committee encourages everyone to be creative in thinking about how best to do this for their particular convocation.
Within four weeks of the convocation event, the sponsor need to submit a report analyzing student learning based on the data they collected. This report should include a discussion of what worked in encouraging student learning and what could be done differently to improve student learning. This report should be submitted via email to Jennifer Claussen at
The convocation committee meets twice per month and considers all applications that it has received since its prior meeting. To ensure an event can be considered for convocation credit, the convocation application form must be completed at least three weeks prior to the event.

If an event is denied credit, the convocation committee will contact the sponsor to explain why. If there is sufficient time for the sponsor to revise their application to address issues the committee raises, a new convocation form can be submitted. Please plan ahead and get your applications in as early as possible, so there is time to revise them if necessary.
*** Please make sure that your application is sent for the meeting date well before your event date. Please do not send scanned applications. ***

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