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The student government body at Illinois College is called Student Senate. Student Senate presides over and subsidizes a majority of the student groups, clubs and organizations that are on campus.

Student Senate shall attempt to reflect student opinion on basic and important issues of College life and will act as a representative of the student body at all times working to promote the best interest of the students within the larger context of the Illinois College community.


:: Executive Officers: The president and vice president election (run on the same ticket) is held exactly one week before the general election and shall be held in the spring semester between Spring Break and the last meeting of the current Senate. The president nominates the secretary and treasurer from the student senators and the legislative body approves of them.

:: Executive Board: The Executive Board is made up of the president, vice president and the appointed treasurer and secretary. The president acts as the chief executive officer, is responsible for organizing and presiding over Senate meetings and other  events and serves as the chief representative of Senate and the student body to the administration, Illinois College Board of Trustees and outside organizations. The vice president fulfills the duties of the president in the president’s absence, coordinates the activities of all Senate standing committees and acts as the chief parliamentarian of Senate. The treasurer records, monitors and organizes the expenses and revenues of Senate, creates and presents the budget with the president and ensures that Senate abides by Student Senate Finance Policies.  The secretary supplies detailed minutes of the proceedings of Senate meetings, maintains an accurate file of all Senate activities and prepares and supplies copies of the Senate meeting materials.

:: Legislative Body: Each class has six senators, all elected in general election as class senators by their respective classes. There are two class officers (class chair and class vice chair) for each class. The class chair is nominated by the president and approved by the legislative body. The class chair can select their own class vice chair. The general election is held between Spring Break and the last meeting of the current senate, one week after the presidential election.
The following is a list of Student Senate standing committees and their functions:

:: Finance: Budgets all student organization monies, responsible for the allocation process and orders and conducts audits of student organization fees/monies as it sees fit. Presents the annual budget and ensures that both the Student Senate and student organizations abide by the finance by-laws.

:: Special Events Committee: Acts as the liaison between Student Senate and student organizations. Coordinates with student organizations in the implementation of their ideas in which the Student Senate can lend its resources and help in any way as deemed necessary. Updates the Student Senate on any events of which an organization requests Student Senate involvement and makes recommendations on how the Student Senate may assist them. Plans and implements any event sponsored by the Student Senate, on behalf of the Student Senate, with a budget that shall be approved by the President and Treasurer per a case-by-case basis.

:: Public Relations Committee: Works to improve relations and dialogue between the student body and the Senate, educates the student body about Senate activities through advertising, promoting and other means. Holds elections on the dates and times set by the executive board, handles faculty and staff-person nominations and updates Connect2 and other social media pages and resources.

:: Student Life Committee: Serves as an advocate for students with regard to dining standards and policies, works in conjunctions with the Office of Residence Life to improve and maintain conditions of residence halls and serves as an advocate for residents within the residence halls. Works to improve the campus life of students at Illinois College.

Any member of the Illinois College community is welcome to attend Student Senate meetings as a nonvoting member.  Any questions, comments or concerns are welcome in the Senate mail box 811.

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