Overview of the Academic Program

The four years of a typical student at Illinois College include two years of introduction and exploration: introduction to new subjects and ideas, learning the basics in a field you choose, and exploration of possible careers. The general education program ensures that students will graduate with both the knowledge and skills they'll need after graduation.
The last two years are a time of focus and achievement. Students choose a major (or more than one) and learn that subject in depth. They use at a high level the skills of communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, leading up to their senior project or seminar.
Professor Jamali with StudentAlong the way, Illinois College students practice what they learn. Every student has the opportunity to learn by experience, through service learning, student/faculty research, internships, or study abroad. Another hallmark of our education is close relationships with professors. The First-Year Seminar teacher, who is your earliest advisor, and the major advisor, who writes a letter of recommendation for your first job after graduation, will help you make your academic decisions.

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