Graduation Requirements:

At Illinois College, education in the liberal arts means “education for life.” A liberal arts education transcends the current moment, the local environment and the next job. It fosters open-mindedness and respect for different values, and prepares students for a life of responsible civic engagement. Liberal arts students think critically and independently, communicate ideas effectively, and learn to distinguish the good, the beautiful, and the true.

With those objectives in mind, students graduating with a degree from Illinois College must:

  1. Complete the General Education Program. (See the catalog section on the general education requirements.)
  2. Complete an academic major with an average of ‘C’ (2.00) or better for courses in the major. (See the catalog section for the requirements for the respective majors.)
  3. Pass at least 24 hours of course work as electives beyond the general education requirements and outside the discipline of one’s major.
  4. Complete requirements for a degree of either: Bachelor of Arts by passing two elective courses in the arts or humanities beyond those needed for general education and outside the discipline of one’s major; or Bachelor of Science by passing two elective courses in quantitative and symbolic reasoning, natural science, or social science beyond those needed for general education and outside the discipline of one’s major.
  5. Complete satisfactorily at least 120 semester hours of academic credit.
  6. Earn at least 36 semester hours of academic credit at Illinois College, with 24 of the last 30 completed in residence.
  7. Attend 30 College convocations. (Students admitted to Illinois College for the first time as transfer students may attend a smaller number of convocations. See transfer student note below.)
  8. Maintain at least a ‘C’ average (2.0 grade point average).
The responsibility for meeting all requirements for graduation rests with the student. Students are expected to attend convocations every semester and to complete many of the General Education requirements by the end of the Sophomore year. Each student may check with their advisor and the Registrar to track satisfactory completion of these requirements; convocation progress appears in the online transcript.

Students must complete all graduation requirements as stated in a single edition of the college catalog. Students normally fulfill the requirements set forth in the edition of the catalog in effect at the time they first enter the College, but they may elect to fulfill the requirements in any subsequent annual catalog in effect during the time of their attendance at Illinois College by submitting their request in writing to the Registrar. Students readmitted after an absence of four or more consecutive semesters must fulfill all graduation requirements according to a catalog in effect after they re-enroll.

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