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Student Handbook (Blue Book)

Hilltop READY Policies for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

The virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to spread through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes. This spread is more likely when people are in close contact with one another; usually about 6 feet. Maintaining social distancing remains very important right now and students are encouraged to take responsibility to ensure they are doing all they can to limit the spread of the virus at all times by adhering to the requirements of the Community of Care agreement. This includes while living in the residence halls, eating in the cafeteria, and while walking on campus and participating in classwork. The CDC currently recommends people wear cloth face coverings to cover their nose and mouth while in community settings. Illinois College requires students and campus visitors to follow this guideline in public spaces on campus, including in the common areas of our residence halls. If students have questions about the health issues connected with COVID-19, they may contact the Chesley Health and Wellness Center.

Students should regularly check the Hilltop READY Website for the latest information regarding IC policies related to COVID-19.

Guest Policy

  • Only residential students are permitted in the residential buildings, including all college-owned and college-operated spaces.
    • Off-campus/commuter students are not permitted in any campus housing locations.
    • Non-IC persons are not allowed in any campus housing locations.
  • All residents of the room/apartment/house must agree to allow guests.
    • If any resident is not comfortable with guests, guests are not allowed in that space.
    • Only 1 guest per room, 1 guest per apartment, or 2 guests per house are permitted.
  • All residents and guests must wear a face covering or mask appropriately while the guest(s) are present.
  • The guest must be escorted at all times within the residential building by the hosting student.
  • Inability to follow the guest policy will result in a loss of guest privileges and possible conduct sanctions. 

Student Travel Outside of Jacksonville
The College is strongly discouraging travel outside of Jacksonville during the semester in order to limit the possibility of students being exposed to COVID-19, both to protect themselves and out of concern for the health and safety of the entire campus.

Students who have reason to travel outside of Jacksonville should contact Dr. Jennie Hemingway, Associate Dean of Student Success for travel notification and determination if quarantine will be required before returning to campus.

COVID-19 Student Accountability Rubric
The rubric provides guidance for responding to reports that a student or student organization has not complied with expectations of the Community of Care Agreement and/or COVID-19 related behavior. As with the IC Code of Student Conduct, this guidance applies to incidents on and off-campus.

Scale Unintentional or Accidental Concerns Repeated Unintentional or Accidental Concerns Moderate Disregard Severe Disregard or behavior represents a substantial risk to the IC Community
  • Forgot face covering.
  • Violation of guest policy.
  • Failure to submit daily symptom check.
  • Not maintaining social distance.
More than two reports of behavior described under unintentional or accidental.
Failure to clean work surface when instructed to do so.
Continued follow-up for repeated behavior.
  • Failure to Isolate/Quarantine when directed.
  • Failure to report COVID-19 diagnosis/positive test.
  • Intentionally engaging in behavior that may spread COVID-19. For example, hosting a gathering/ party.
  • Willful disregard for following Community of Care expectations.
Faculty/Staff Action Give the student a verbal reminder first time. Submit report for repeat behavior.      
Response** Expectations letter as follow-up to receiving report.
  • Meeting with Associate Dean.
  • Completion of educational sanction with reflection.
  • Disciplinary Probation
  • Deferred Suspension
  • Removal from campus housing
  • Disciplinary Suspension

**Student’s disciplinary history/status may warrant stronger sanctions. 

Response Information

  • Expectations Letter: A letter designed to address the concern, clarify expectations and remind that further reports will result in an escalated response.
  • Educational Sanction: These sanctions are designed to encourage students to reflect on their decisions and understand why certain policies are in place.
  • Disciplinary Probation: Official notice placed in a student’s permanent file that the student has been found to have violated College rules and regulations and a warning that further violation of rules and regulations will result in possible suspension or expulsion. Probation may include restriction from participation in College activities for a specified period of time.
  • Deferred Suspension: Deferred suspension allows the student to remain on campus and continue attending classes. However, the student may not hold any leadership positions, participate in Literary Societies, and/or be a member of an athletic team. Any additional policy violations will result in immediate suspension from the College.
  • Disciplinary Suspension: Exclusion from the College for a specified period. A student who is suspended shall be denied all academic and social privileges and is expected to be absent from College grounds and buildings during the period of the suspension.
  • Dismissal: A student who is dismissed is no longer part of the Illinois College community and barred from readmission.