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Political Science

PO 101 U.S. Federal Government (4)
A survey of the principles, problems, structure, and functions of the United States federal government including the concept of democracy, the constitution, the federal system, civil and political rights, the party system, public opinion, pressure groups, governmental institutions, and public policies.

PO 105 Introduction to Politics (4)
An examination of such political concepts as power, citizenship, the state, and the structure and source of authority as they have developed in political theory. Also introduces the various subfields and methodologies used in political science. Offered spring semesters.

PO 150 World Politics (4)
An introduction to methods of analyzing the problems and processes of world politics, including consideration of the interests and perspectives of different countries, problems of international organization (including the United Nations), and current issues and events. Involves a U.N. simulation. Offered spring semesters.

PO 180 Introduction to Comparative Politics (4)
An introduction to the study of political systems found outside the United States. The course uses different conceptual approaches to explore the political systems of Great Britain, France, China, and Japan. Highlights the ways in which the political institutions of these countries and the political attitudes of their citizens differ from those of the United States and each other. Offered fall semesters.

PO 202 State and Local Government (4)
A survey of the principles, problems, structure, and functions of state and local governments including constitutions, intergovernmental relations, parties and pressure groups, types of local governments, urban politics, state and local finance, and specific public policies. Offered spring semesters.

PO 280 Strategies for Political Inquiry (4)
The primary objective of this course is designed to introduce students to social science research design through a “learn by doing” approach. This course has two main goals: (1) teaching students how to conduct basic political science research; and, (2) developing beginner analytical skills. Students will engage methods of rudimentary data analysis and learn skills in the industry standard of statistical software. The goal of this course is to help students improve his or her methodical thinking about politics and hone critical thinking skills to be used beyond the classroom. At the conclusion of the course, students will have drafted a feasible research design study intended to be carried out in a Senior Seminar capstone course or a course of its equivalent. (See HI 280.)

PO 324 Survey of Political Philosophy (4)
(See PH 324.)

PO 342 Public Finance (4)
(See EC 342.)

PO 347 The Presidency and Congress (4)
A study of the basic institutional components of the Presidency and the Congress and the interrelationships between these two branches of government. Prerequisite: PO 101 or consent of instructor.

PO 362 Politics and the Arts (4)
This course will examine various themes as developed in works of art (e.g., novels, music, poetry, film and the visual arts). In addition, we will consider the artist as political actor and the ways in which artists have used their work as a voice of critique and a call for change. Prerequisite: junior standing. Offered alternate years.

PO 365 Race and Politics (4)
A study of the role that race and ethnicity play in the American political arena: the nature of race and racism and its impact in such public policy areas as education, crime, income and employment. Prerequisite: PO 101 or consent of instructor. Offered spring semesters.

PO 367 American Political Thought (4)
An examination of selected works by American political thinkers, key documents, contentious issues, and the rationales of political movements since the country’s founding. Special attention is paid to the values and assumptions underlying discourse and debates.

PO 369 Political Behavior
An examination of individual political action that is commonly referred to as “political behavior.” Topics explored reflect leading analytical approaches in behavioral political science that include rational and social choice theories, and the principles of politics that guide common understanding about individual political action.

PO 375 American Political Parties and Elections (4)
A study of the nature of parties; the history, organization, and government of the American party system; suffrage and elections; political socialization and behavior; primaries and conventions; campaign techniques and finance; pressure groups. Prerequisite: PO 101 or consent of the instructor. Offered fall semesters.

PO 379 Constitutional Law (4)
An examination of both the governmental foundations and individual rights and freedoms often at issue in the study of constitutional law. Prerequisite: PO 101 or consent of instructor.

PO 380 East Asian Politics (4)
This course explores the history and politics of China and Japan since the middle of the 19th century, with a comparative focus on the remarkable political and economic experiences of both countries. Current domestic and international issues in the region are examined as well. Offered alternate years during the spring semester.

PO 383 Third World Politics (4)
This course examines the nature of politics in the developing world. Topics include the political legacies of colonialism and the contemporary spread of democracy and open markets throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Offered alternate years during the spring semester.

PO 386 International Relations (4)
A study of international systems, relations among states, problems of war and peace, and theoretical issues. Prerequisite: PO 150 or consent of the instructor. Offered every third year during the fall semester.

PO 387 American Foreign Policy (4)
An analysis of American attitudes toward international problems, the process of foreign policy making, and the content of U.S. policy. Particular attention is focused on current issues. Offered every third year during the fall semester.

PO 388 International Political Economy (4)
A study of the interactions between states and markets in the international arena. Topics explored include the politics of international trade, the political regulation of international financial flows, and relations between developed and developing countries. Offered every third year during the fall semester.

PO 415 Senior Paper (4)
An advanced research paper written under supervision of a Senior paper advisor during the semester prior to the student’s final semester. Prerequisite: a research design approved by the paper advisor prior to registration for course. Offered fall semesters.

PO 420, 421 Seminar in Political Science (4, 4)
Seminar devoted to a special topic or theme, with individual research by participants. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor.

PO 461, 462 Independent Study in Political Science (1 - 4)
Students will read in depth on a subject in the general field of government or political science. A research paper is usually required. Prerequisites: B average and consent of the instructor.

PO 463, 464 Internship in Political Science (1 - 4)
Students normally serve as interns in the state legislature or a government office. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor. Offered spring semesters on demand.

PO 465, 466 Independent Research in Political Science (1 - 4)

PO 485 Senior Seminar (4)
A capstone seminar bringing together all Senior majors to examine a major theme. Students will examine classic and current scholarship in the discipline that will lead to writing a senior essay and its formal presentation. This is a required senior experience and is open only to political science majors.