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PY 225 College Physics I (4)
This course covers measurements; kinematics in one and two dimensions; Newton’s Laws of motion and applications; circular and rotational motion; fundamentals of work, energy, and momentum are presented along with the applications; elasticity; fluids – continuity equation & Bernoulli’s Principles; and oscillations. Techniques from calculus are introduced in the first few classes and as needed. Four one-hour lectures (three classes and supplemental instruction per week). One two-hour laboratory session per week. Prerequisite: MA 133 with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Offered spring semesters.

PY 226 College Physics II (4)
A continuation of PY 225 covering electricity, magnetism, and light with the use of calculus. Students with little or no calculus background enrolling for this course will be trained with limited but necessary math skills in the first few classes or as needed. Four class hours and one two hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisite: PY 225 with a grade of ‘C’ or better. Offered fall semesters.

PY 301 Circuits (4)
Electric circuits, node voltage and mesh current techniques, time domain and frequency domain. Laboratory determinations of potential, resistance, capacitance, inductance, transistor characteristics, and other electrical quantities. Includes one three-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisites: PY 226 and MA 223.

PY 302 Electricity and Magnetism (4)
Electrostatics, magnetism, Maxwell’s Equations, and introduction to the electromagnetic theory of light. Includes one three-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisite: PY 226. Corequisite: MA 233, or permission of instructor.

PY 303 Light (4)
Geometrical and physical optics: reflection, refraction, dispersion, lasers, interference, diffraction, polarization, and spectroscopy. Includes one three-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisites: PY 226 and MA 223.

PY 304 Materials Science for Engineers (4)
This course in Materials Sciences and Engineering is ideal for 3-2 engineering and physics students interested to pursue mechanical, civil, industrial, materials science and general engineering. This course provides balanced, current treatment of the full spectrum of engineering materials, covering all the physical properties, applications and relevant properties associated with engineering materials. It explores all the major categories of materials while also offering detailed examinations of new materials with high-tech applications. The course involves investigating the relationships that exist between the structures and properties of materials. Prerequisites: PY 226 and MA 223.

PY 321 Analytic Mechanics: Statics (4)
Force, moments, and couples; conditions of equilibrium; distributed forces; center of gravity and moment of inertia; trusses; frames; beams. Prerequisites: PY 225 and MA 213.

PY 322 Analytic Mechanics: Dynamics (4)
Kinematics, kinetics, simple harmonic motion, work, energy, power. Prerequisite: PY 225. Corequisite: MA 223.

PY 323 Thermodynamics (4)
This course covers the fundamental concepts of temperature, work, and heat. Specific topics include the Laws of Thermodynamics, gas laws, entropy, conditions of equilibrium, gas cycles, the Maxwell relations, chemical potential and equilibrium, Gibbs’ phase rule, Clapeyron-Clausius equation, kinetic-milecular theory, and the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution. This course does not include a lab period. Prerequisites: CH 110, PY 225, and MA 223. Offered spring semester of even years. (See CH 323.)

PY 365 Quantum Theory & Spectroscopy (4)
(See CH 365.)

PY 411 Senior Seminar I (2)
The first half of the Physics senior seminar experience. Students develop lab-based or expository projects which include literature review and interdisciplinary aspects. Prerequisite: senior standing and two 300-level physics courses.

PY 412 Senior Seminar II (2)
The second of a two-semester sequence of 2-credit hour courses which together make up the senior seminar. Students continue to work independently on research projects (lab-based or expository) under the supervision of a faculty member. The projects will include an interdisciplinary
component developed with the aid of the instructor. Prerequisite: PY411.

PY 461, 462 Independent Study in Physics (2 - 6)
Individual projects course for advanced qualified students. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor.

PY 463, 464 Internship in Physics (2 - 8)
Students spend an entire summer or academic semester as interns in physics/engineering research projects at Argonne National Laboratory, other government agencies or in the private sector. Prerequisite: Approval of department chair and on-site supervisor.

PY 465, 466 Independent Research in Physics (1 - 4)