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History majors must complete a minimum of 37 semester hours (nine courses and a 1-hour proseminar) in the discipline, including at least two and no more than three courses at the 100-level, HI 200, HI 300, and HI 485.

Students will also complete at least one 300+ course in United States history and one 300+ course in non-U.S. history. It is expected that students will have attained junior standing before enrolling in 300-level courses. Majors are strongly encouraged to pursue internship opportunities and off-campus study. Some departmental funds may be available to support these activities.

Students may choose a concentration in Public History, which consists of three courses and an internship. The three courses will replace elective courses in the History major. Students with a particular interest in careers in historical administration are also encouraged to pursue a minor in Entrepreneurship, as skills in accounting and finance are essential in maintaining historic and cultural sites. The concentration requirements are three from the following: HI 276, 277, HI 279, and HI 379.