German Studies

With the German studies minor, you will gain direct experience with foreign cultures while learning to read, write and speak a new language.


  • The German studies minor will allow you to explore a diverse culture with a rich history punctuated with both highs and lows. The themes covered in the program complement a variety of majors including business, history, literature, international studies and education. 
  • The program incorporates active learning opportunities working with the many German immigrants who have made the Midwest their home.
  • You will have the opportunity to take part in many different cultural activities at the Center for Global Studies.
  • You will have opportunities and resources to study abroad or travel on a BreakAway trip to be immersed in the German-speaking culture. These experiences allow you to practice classroom skills and put learning into context.
  • You will have the opportunity to be recognized for academic achievement by joining the IC chapter of Phi Sigma Iota, the international honors society for students in a foreign language when you meet academic requirements. 


The German studies minor helps graduates prepare for a variety of careers, including international business and industry, social service involving foreign language communities, U.S. government missions abroad and teaching modern languages in elementary or high schools.