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Courses in Finance

FI 352 Financial Management (Corporate Finance) (4)
Study of the financial management of the typical corporation. Topics include stock valuation, risk
analysis, capital structure, dividend policy and capital budgeting. Current developments such as
mergers and acquisitions, new securities, and small business finance are also studied. Prerequisites:
AC 231 and EC 105.

FI 353 Investments (4)
An understanding of the mechanics of the securities market, the investment media, security
selection and analysis, and the formulation of investment policy for individuals. Prerequisite: FI 352.

FI 355 Financial Institutions Management (4)
Comprehensive survey of the role of the each of the major financial institutions in our economy.
The emphasis of the course is on the management of these institutions. Prerequisites: EC 105 and
AC 231. 

FI 357 International Finance (4)
Theories and practical aspects of international finance. Topics analyzed include international
payments mechanism, exchange market operations, international capital movements, risk
evaluation and protection, capital budgeting, and international financial institutions. Prerequisite:
EC 105.

FI 362 Corporate Risk Management (4)
This course examines the scientific approach to the problem of dealing with the risks that
companies face today. Students will learn to develop comprehensive risk management plans
incorporating identification, control, and financing of all corporate. Prerequisite: EC 245.

FI 406 Investment Practicum (1-6)
This course is designed to teach students how to invest their money wisely and to familiarize
students with the different available investment instruments. Students in this course participate in
the Illinois College Warren Billhartz Student Investment Organization. Through this organization,
students gain firsthand experience, using real-world money and investments, with the effects
markets have on investment portfolios. All final investment decisions are made by the participating
students with the guidance of economics/business faculty and investment professionals. This course
is open to students of all majors at Illinois College.

FI 461, 462 Independent Study in Finance (1 - 4)

FI 463, 464 Internship in Finance (1 - 4)
A practical application of theoretical skills in actual job-related situations. May be repeated for
a maximum of 6 hours. Open to junior and senior majors. Prerequisite: consent of the
department chair.

FI 465, 466 Independent Study in Finance (1 - 4)

FI 485 Senior Seminar (4)
As an interdisciplinary capstone course, students will analyze and evaluate financial information
with respect to profitability, corporate risk management, and proper financial reporting.
Prerequisite: senior standing, declared Accounting or Finance Major only. (See AC 485.)