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The courses in this discipline are intended to give an understanding of the nature, operation, and problems of the economy and modern business.

A major in Economics shall consist of 42 hours as follows: EC 105; EC 245 or MA 123; EC 255, EC 312, EC 318, EC 463/464 or IC 421, EC 485, and four electives chosen from EC 265, EC 319, EC 342, EC 344, EC 372, IS 250, or PO 388.

In addition to completing an economics major, students are highly encouraged to complete double majors or minors in related areas.

Recommended complementary minors include: Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Math and Political Science.

A minor in Economics consists of 20 hours including: EC 105, EC 245 or MA 123, plus three 300- or 400-level Economics courses.

A minor in Entrepreneurship consists of 20 hours including: AC 231, EC 105, EC 265, FI 252 or FI 352, and one approved elective in EC, AC, or FI. This elective MAY include an approved internship. This minor is designed for all students wanting to explore decision making within forprofit and non-profit organizations. This minor is NOT open to Economics, Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration majors.