Communication and Rhetorical Studies

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Anna Wright

Assistant Professor of Communication and Rhetorical Studies
Whipple Hall, Room 205
Research Interests
Instructional Communication, Communication Pedagogy, Elementary and Secondary Communication Education
Illinois State University | Ed.D. | Teaching and Learning, Communication
Illinois State University | M.S. | Communication Studies
Illinois State University | B.S. | Communication Education

Anna M. Wright is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Illinois College. She teaches courses in Business Communication, Organizational Communication, and Communication Research & Methods. Her pedagogical research focuses on a variety of instructional communication topics including clarity and ambiguity in classroom assessments and teacher training. Her background in secondary education and teacher preparation combines with her research to produce theoretically grounded and applied scholarship.

Wright is the co-author of Communication for Teachers and Trainers (Fountainhead, 2019). She has publications in multiple communication journals including Communication Education, Communication Pedagogy, and the Basic Communication Course Annual.  

What Students Say
Dr. Wright is an excellent professor – one of the best I’ve had at IC. She kept the class structured and made it very easy to stay on task.
Dr. Wright was very personable and when teaching, she taught us as if she was just having a conversation rather than reading straight off the slides.
The course material is really interesting, but the way it is taught made it very fun. I was always excited to go to this class.