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Pratheesh Jakkala

Pratheesh Jakkala

Assistant Professor of Physics
Parker Science Building, Room 110
Research Interests
Solar Cells, Thin-Film Fabrication, Sputtering, Physics Education Research.
Ohio University | Ph.D. | Applied Physics
Kent State University | M.A. | Physics
University of Mysore, India | M.S. | Physics

Dr. Pratheesh Jakkala’s The Physics Factory, an umbrella concept that includes Physics Club, Physics Festival, Build for America and Physics Podcasts, is aimed at training undergraduate students for their future engineering and physics careers to produce “physics/engineering products” and also to reduce the fear of physics among younger students, create and sustain enthusiasm. He strongly believes in hands-on learning through problem-solving, designing and building original projects. Project-design and project-building replacing regular final exam is one such method. Dr. Jakkala is committed to student-faculty research and along with Dr. Kordesch’s group from Ohio University conducts research on solar cells and thin-film fabrication methods. His group actively presents research work at national, international conferences and publish their work in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Three of his students from IC presented their research work at prestigious APS annual meeting in Spring 2018.

In Fall 2018, we are working on sending balloons to space in a controlled permitted environment and bring them back to the target area. We should be able to take some cool pictures of the earth from near space region.