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Business Administration

A major in Business Administration shall consist of 46 credit hours.

Core Courses (22 credit hours):
All students complete EC 105; AC 231; CO 210; one of MG 315, PH 315, or CO 315; MG 491; and one of MG 463/464, IS 302, or IC 421.

Business Administration (24 credit hours):
MG 364, MG 354, FI 352, and 12 semester hours from 300- or 400-level courses in AC, AG, EC, FI, or MG (except AC 321, MG 355)

The minor in Business Administration consists of 20 credit hours from the following courses: AC 231, EC 105, MG 354, MG 364, and FI 352.

Students seeking to complete more than one major in the Business Department must complete a minimum of 24 additional hours of new content beyond the first major.

Each minor in the Business Department requires a minimum of 16 additional hours of new content beyond the requirements of declared majors in the department.