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Business Administration

A major in the interdisciplinary program of Business Administration enables you to launch any career that requires fundamental knowledge of the principles of management and the qualities of leadership.

A major in Business Administration shall consist of 46 credit hours:

Core Courses (22 credit hours):
All students complete EC 105; AC 231; CO 210; one of MG 315, PH 315, or CO 315; MG 491; and one of MG 463/464, IS 302, or IC 421.

Business Administration (24 credit hours):
MG 364, MG 354, FI 352, and 12 semester hours from 300- or 400-level courses in AC, AG, EC, FI, or MG (except AC 321, MG 355) or TH 363.

Students seeking to complete more than one major in the Business Department must complete a minimum of 24 additional hours of new content beyond the first major.

The minor in Business Administration consists of 20 credit hours from the following courses:

AC 231, EC 105, MG 354, MG 364, and FI 352.

Each minor in the Business Department requires a minimum of 16 additional hours of new content beyond the requirements of declared majors in the department.