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This BreakAway will introduce students to this vibrant, growing country through focus on the variety of life, culture and experiences within its capital city of Dakar.

Dates: June 4 to 21, 2019
Destination: Dakar, Senegal
Leaders: Devin Bryson and Emily Adams
Cost: $3,750 ($2,750 when a $1,000 subsidy is applied)

Senegal is one of the most important West African countries due to its political stability, rich culture and acceptance of ethnic and religious diversity. While it will be apparent that Dakar has problems and is continuing to develop, it will also become clear that the city has much to offer in terms of urban cultures, diversity and opportunities. In this way, Dakar will come to represent much of contemporary West Africa, with its duality of potential and limitations. We will collaborate with the West African Research Center in Dakar to have Senegalese experts, scholars, artists and residents give lectures on the various topics and then to have  a site visit that puts the knowledge into context and lived experience.

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