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Explore the impact of climate change from two distinct cultural perspectives on the Caribbean islands of Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico and French-speaking Guadeloupe.

Dates: May 20 to June 5, 2025
Destination: Puerto Rico and Guadeloupe
Leaders: Emily Adams, Diana Grullon- Garcia, Bryan Arnold, and Devin Bryson
Cost: $2,950 ($1,950 when a BreakAway stipend is applied)

Before departing, you will learn about the heritage and languages of both islands.  Once there, you will have opportunities to experience the two cultures first-hand, explore historic sites, visit natural wonders, which could include coral reef, tropical forests, and sea turtles, and meet with peers from partner universities.  This trip will also include several service-learning activities that will allow you to interact closely with both nature and the people trying to preserve it.  

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