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Courses in Art

AR 100 Two-dimensional Aesthetics (4)
An introductory course introduces the core concepts of visual design theory and aesthetics using elements and principles of design and the creative process. Strategies in visual design are explored through examples, exercises, critiques, and creative projects. Additional fee may apply. No prerequisite.

AR 102 Western Art and Culture (4)
An introductory course that explores art and architecture from Western Europe, focusing on the social, political, and religious contexts in which they were created. Through examination of major artists, periods, styles, and influences, students will gain a greater understanding of art in the western world. Selected studies in painting, sculpture and architecture from Prehistoric to the Enlightenment. No prerequisite.

AR 121 Introduction to Ceramics (4)
An introductory course to clay and glazing; introduction to hand-forming processes, pinch, coil, and slab, and combinations of these basic techniques. Additional fee may apply. No prerequisite.

AR 123 Spatial Understanding in 3-D Design (4)
An introductory course in basic 3D design through projects and exercises in line, plane, volume, space, texture in three-dimensional form. Simple construction methods using a variety of materials and tools. Emphasis on craftsmanship, problem-solving, and ideation in a three-dimensional construct. Additional fee may apply. No prerequisite.

AR 131 Visual Perceptions through Drawing (4)
An introductory course that explores basic drawing methods, media, and concepts. Emphasizes drawing from observation with development of proportion, accuracy, value, implied shape, composition, line, edge development, volumetric analysis of form, light and perspective. Use of wide range of techniques, materials, and subject matter. Additional fee may apply. No prerequisite.

AR 204 Visual Communication (4)
Basic graphic design concepts and software with an emphasis on typography, visual hierarchy, and grid layouts. Students will gain a working knowledge of Adobe software used to create and manipulate vector graphics and bitmap images. Additional fee may apply. No Prerequisite.

AR 205 Computer Aided Design and Production (4)
A basic 3-D Computer Aided Design (CAD) course using Solidworks Essentials software. Students will create and program parametric models of parts and assemblies; generate dimensioned drawings according to ISO 128 technical drawings standards using basic conventions for lines, views, cuts and sections; understand basic plotting and prototyping using 3-D printing. Additional fee may apply. No Prerequisite.

AR 223 Advanced Sculpture Fabrication and Context (4)
Introduction to the fundamental sculptural processes of addition, subtraction, and substitution. Further understanding of craftsmanship, conceptualization, presentation, and creative problem solving. Students will explore steel fabrication, wood construction, assemblage, and mold-making. Additional fee may apply. No prerequisite.

AR 225 Teaching Fine Arts in the Elementary Schools (4)
This course is a synthesis of the principles of fine arts (visual arts, drama, and music) teaching and learning at the elementary school level. Emphasis is placed on the integration of creative processes (visual arts, drama, and music) in the elementary school curriculum and instruction, on the teacher as problem-solver and creative artist, and on the creation of classroom structures that accommodate individualization of instruction and creative problem solving in children. Studio projects will supplement lectures. (See ED 225.)

AR 242 Oil Painting Process and Theory (4)
Introduction to classical principles and techniques in oil painting, including both in-direct and direct painting methods. Students will gain a working knowledge of traditional and contemporary oil painting techniques and mediums. Basic color principles will be covered: color wheel, color systems, mixing, matching, and modulation. Additional fee may apply. No prerequisite.

AR 245 Art History in the Modern World (4)
Emergence of modernism in Europe from the late 18th century to the middle of the 19th century. Major artistic events viewed against a revolutionary backdrop of the Industrial Age and World Wars. Assessment of the role of dealers and critics and the myth of artist genius. Investigation of stylistic innovation in painting and sculpture and the development and dissolution of realism and abstraction. Selected studies in painting, sculpture and architecture from Pre-Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism. No prerequisite.

AR 331 Advanced Drawing Theory and Practice (4)
An investigation of traditional and contemporary drawing practices, techniques, mediums, and technologies. Students will gain an understanding of the historical significance of drawing as visual thinking in early civilizations to the present. In addition, they will understand the primal importance of sketching in generating ideas and problem-solving as an original and genuine form of expression. Additional fee may apply. Prerequisite: AR 131.

AR 340 Contemporary Theories in Color (4)
This is a studio-based course focused on more sophisticated and practical understanding of how colors act physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, and culturally. Projects explore the color modes of Value Contrast, Brightness Contrast, Tonal Layer, Hue Contrast, and Luminosity. In addition, there is required reading on the physics of color and discussion of the historical influences and legacy of color in culture. Additional fee may apply. No prerequisite.

AR 342 Medium Development, Experimentation, and Innovation (4)
Continued exploration of various media. Students work with original ideas and methods to reinforce independence, enthusiasm, and personal creativity. Additional fee may apply.

AR 346 Theories and Philosophies in Contemporary Art and Culture (4)
A survey of contemporary art from mid-20th century to present. Examination of the broader social, cultural, aesthetic, and theoretical developments in which contemporary art was produced, presented and interpreted. Focus on feminism, gender identity, and post-modernism in a global context. No prerequisite.

AR 402 Senior Seminar (1)
Independent work in a specialized area of study intended to result in a senior exhibition or thesis paper. Prerequisites: senior art major standing and consent of the department.

AR 461, 462 Independent Study in Art (1 - 4)
Advanced studio course in a specific area beyond listed course offerings. Prerequisite: consent of the instructor.

AR 463, 464 Internship in Art (1 - 4)
A practical application of skills in an art related job experience. Prerequisite: consent of the department chair.

AR 465, 466 Independent Research in Art (1 - 4)