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International Students

The Academic Bridge program at Illinois College offers you the chance to improve your English language skills while living and studying on a safe and beautiful college campus located in the heartland of the United States.

The Academic Bridge allows you to study Intensive English alongside regular undergraduate coursework for one to two semesters. You will experience a liberal arts education in an authentic American setting, while taking courses for credit and polishing your academic English language skills.

  • Listening and Speaking: Students will improve their fluency pronunciation, and vocabulary. In advance listening and speaking classes, you will learn how to listen to lectures and develop formal presentation skills.
  • Reading: Students will improve reading speed and comprehension. There will be opportunities for "extended reading" to prepare students for the amount of reading they will be expected to do at Illinois College.
  • Writing: Students will learn to write in various styles for various purposes. In advanced writing courses, students will focus on the academic writing skills necessary to succeed in college. 
  • Cultural Enrichment: Weekly lectures on special topics in American culture, literature and history.
  • Language Practice: Weekly meetings to interact with other Illinois College students and practice conversing in English.