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Agribusiness Management

Courses in Agribusiness Management

AG 111 Emerging Issues in Ag & Natural Resources (4)
Survey of emerging issues in the food and agricultural industry, including: 1) geography of food production and consumption; 2) human agricultural and natural resource relations; 3) agriculture in the United States and abroad; 4) modern agribusiness; 5) food, agriculture, and natural resources policy; 6) ethical and legal implications; and 7) role and impact of science and technology.

AG 211 Introduction to Agribusiness (4)
The role of agricultural business in the economy. Introductory economic and business principles and their application to the solution of agricultural problems. Corequisite: EC 105 or equivalent.

AG 320 Agricultural Finance (4)
Fundamental concepts for financial management decisions in agricultural/farm businesses. Emphasis is on financial statement analysis of profitability, efficiency, liquidity, repayment capacity, risk, leverage, growth, capital budgeting, investment decisions, farmland bid price determination, and farm real estate appraisal. Financial markets and credit institutions serving the agricultural sector are also addressed. Prerequisites: AG 211 or equivalent, AC 231, and EC 105.

AG 321 Agricultural Marketing (4)
Marketing concepts, techniques, and management of the U.S. marketing system from agricultural production, agribusiness, and traditional business perspectives. Prerequisite: AG 211 or equivalent.

AG 322 Commodity Futures and Options (4)
Economic theory and methods for analyzing agricultural production decisions and the underlying relationship to futures and options markets. Specific topics include the institutional structure, price formation, producer and agribusiness strategies, and financial instruments associated with U.S. and international markets. Prerequisite: AG 320 or equivalent. (See FI 322.)

AG 331 Agricultural Economics (4)
An introduction to the principles of economics including production principles; production costs, supply and revenue; profit maximization; consumption and demand; price elasticity; market price determination; and competitive versus noncompetitive market models. These principles are applied to agriculture and the role of agriculture in the United States and world economies. Other topics include a survey of the world food situation; natural, human and capital resources; commodity product marketing; and agricultural problems and policies. Prerequisite: EC 105 or equivalent. (See EC 331.)

AG 340 Farm Management (4)
Economic principles are applied to the management of farms using budgeting system analysis, record analysis, financial management, and lease analysis. Students develop expertise in evaluating and making decisions like those faced by farm operators and managers. Prerequisite: AG 211 or equivalent and EC 105.

AG 461/462 Independent Study in Agribusiness Management (1-4)
Advanced independent study in the field of agribusiness management or marketing. Open to senior majors seeking advanced study in their areas of specialization. May be repeated with different subject matter for a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

AG 463/464 Internship in Agribusiness (1-4)
A practical application of theoretical skills in actual job-related situations. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 hours. Open to sophomore, junior and senior majors. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.

AG 491 Agribusiness Management Senior Capstone (4)
This course will serve as the capstone course for all senior-level students majoring in Agribusiness Management. In addition, a strong emphasis will be placed on undergraduate research. Specifically, students will be asked to research relevant agribusiness topics from either the social scientific
or humanistic perspectives during the semester and formally present their scholarly findings. As part of the capstone experience in this course, students will be asked to synthesize their previous coursework and critically reflect on their experiences in the Agribusiness Management program. Prerequisite: senior standing or consent of the instructor.