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A Francophone and French major consists of a minimum of 32 semester hours of course work in that language beyond the first year (101, 102). In order to count toward the Francophone and French major or minor, a student must register for cross-listed courses under the FR course number.

Students majoring in Francophone and French Language and Cultures work with their advisors to place their course work into the following categories: Skills and Tools, Literature and World Views, and Language in the World. Below is the minimum number of classes students must take in each category. Students work with their advisors to choose additional classes that fit into any of the three categories in order to earn at least the required 38 credits. The category of special topics courses, independent studies courses, independent research, honors course, and courses from abroad will be determined by students and their advisors in the major. All majors are required to complete WL 210.

Skills and Tools (2 classes minimum): Intermediate to advanced language and grammar courses such as FR 203, FR 301, FR 302, and approved classes from abroad.

Literature, Culture and World Views (2 classes minimum): All upper-level literature and culture courses such as FR 351, FR 352, FR 401, FR 402, FR 431, FR 432, FR 461/462, FR 465/466, FR 480, and approved courses from abroad.

Languages in the World (2 classes minimum): Courses involving applied language experiences, with WL 210 being required and another, such as FR 463/464, FR 465/466, FR 480, WL 470, and approved classes from abroad.

Students majoring in Francophone and French must complete a disciplinary capstone with an interdisciplinary component, which will typically be taken from a student’s other major or minor. This capstone will be fulfilled through WL 470 and IS 204 or WL 470, IS 204, and FR 480, depending upon consultation with advisors.

A Francophone and French major also requires a semester abroad in a French-speaking country. There may be several departmental awards available to assist with study abroad.

A Francophone and French minor consists of no fewer than 16 credit hours in the respective language at the 203-level or beyond. WL 210 may count for the minor, but is not required.