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FR 101 French for Global Citizens I (4)
Students learn basic sentence structures and vocabulary in French language and are introduced to the culture of the French and Francophone people. Students also acquire the language skills and cultural knowledge to travel on their own to the countries where French is spoken.

FR 102 French for Global Citizens II (4)
This course is designed for students who have taken FR101 or have had some French language instruction in high school, building upon what they have already learned. Students learn basic sentence structures and vocabulary in French language and are introduced to the culture of the French and Francophone people. They also acquire the language skills and cultural knowledge to travel on their own to the countries where French is spoken. Prerequisite: FR 101 or equivalent or consent of the instructor.

FR 105, 205, 305 Reading in French (1, 1, 1)
Selected reading for summer study.

FR 203 French for the Professions (4)
Students review the fundamentals of French language and become acquainted with basic vocabulary related to array of professions. Students become familiar with the role that language and cultural knowledge play in the professions. Prerequisite: FR 102 or placement test or consent of the instructor.

WL 210 Languages and Their Place in the World (4)
This core course will explore the essential role played by language in the liberal arts and in the professional world. In addition, students will examine the complex, often undefined relationship between language and culture, as well as strategies for learning the components of speaking, listening, writing, and reading in a foreign language. We will investigate a variety of topics which are drawn from the fields of sociolinguistics, literary and cultural studies etc. The course will begin with a general overview of what constitutes language. We will examine the different proposed hypotheses which attempt to account for the nature of the relationship between language and culture. The remainder of the course will cover a variety of topics which explore language in its social context. Some questions that we will consider include: How is language used to create and maintain social institutions and rituals? How do we use language to create different personae? How is language used by people of different genders, ethnicities, and social classes? How are social and linguistic roles acquired by children? When taken for a World Languages major or minor in French, German, Japanese, or Spanish, WL 210 is typically taken during the same semester a student is enrolled in a FR, GE, JP, or SP course. Open to all students; no specific language prerequisite.

FR 301 French Conversation through Film (4)
In this course, the focus is on developing speaking fluency. Students will explore topics in Francophone and French cultures and societies through the medium of film; and discuss historical and current issues raised in classical and contemporary Francophone and French cinema. Language skill activities draw upon cultural perspectives and personal needs. Prerequisite: FR 203 or consent of the instructor.

FR 302 Conversation and Composition (4)
In this course, the focus is on developing better writing skills in French. Students explore, discuss and write about cultural and contemporary issues in Francophone and French societies. Prerequisite: FR 301 or consent of the instructor.

FR 351 Francophone & French Culture & Civilization (4)
In this course, students study significant aspects of culture and civilization of the French and Francophone people. Simultaneously students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in speaking and writing. Topics include French history, politics, education, art, media and/or popular culture, contemporary Africa, pre-colonial Africa, history & civilization of the Maghreb, French Caribbean history and culture, Canadian contemporary issues. Prerequisite: FR 203 or consent of instructor. (Also offered in English as IN 251.)

FR 352 Culture and Society in Francophone Cinema (4)
Culture and Society in Francophone Cinema to be taught in English will provide students with better understanding of society, culture and civilization of the Francophone world. Class discussion, films analysis, readings and assignments will allow students to ask and answer questions about the history, socio-economics, culture, politics, gender, war, survival, and other compelling issues that affect Francophone countries in different parts of the world. FR 352 students will write their papers in French. (Also offered in English as IN 250.)

FR 401 Africa, War & Gender Identity (4)
Students use the lens of gender to examine diverse social issues and implications of war and mass violence as they affect sub-Saharan Africa, especially women in Francophone Africa. Students will consider how war affects women’s identities as victims, wives, mothers, combatants, workers, rich/ poor and decision makers. Students will learn to understand the construction and transformation of the gender identities in girls, women and men within the societal structures of patriarchal wars and violence in African societies. (Also offered in English as IN 261.)

FR 402 The “Other” in French Film & Text (4)
Students will study ways in which writers/filmmakers, and media from France have responded to and represented the Other (non-European French speakers) during and after colonization. Students will examine how strategies such as plots, character, point of view, language and photographs construct meaning. Students will learn to recognize the links between literary representations and other forms of representation and knowledge, e.g. media, film and anthropology. (Also offered in English as IN 262.)

FR 431 Sub-Saharan African Literature & Cinema (4)
Students will analyze the sociopolitical issues facing Africa from the pre-colonial period to the present. Students will explore such social topics as – hospitality, aesthetics, tradition, religion, environmental issues, gender issues, education, economics, political instability, war in Africa etc. Students will learn how sub-Saharan African society presents a unique case that cannot be interpreted from the yardstick of Western society. (Also offered in English as IN 231.)

FR 432 France and Immigration (4)
Students will study and analyze immigrants’ experience in France in the 20th and 21st century. Students will compare and contrast immigration in France as seen in the work of French and immigrant writers and film directors. (Also offered in English as IN 263.)

FR 461, 462 Independent Study in French (1 - 4)
Independent Study in French is for advanced students who wish to do supervised reading in some periods of French literature or Francophone topics. Offered as needed.

FR 463, 464 Internship in French (1 - 4)
Internship in French is a practical experience in employment or in service learning with French settings either locally or abroad. Placement may be available through the department, or may be arranged by students in consultation with the department. May be repeated for a maximum of 4 hours.

FR 465, 466 Independent Research in French (1 - 4)
An extensive and directed individual research project on a French topic arranged with an instructor. The project requires a final paper written in French and a public presentation in English to which the entire Illinois College Community is invited. The number of credits is determined by the extent of the project. A student may only use these course numbers for a maximum of two semesters in order to complete the project. A student can earn no more than 5 total credits for the research project. If a student divides the research between two semesters, a grade for both semesters will be assigned when the project is completed. Students may sign up for credit to do the research during the semester that they are abroad, if they are not already being given academic credit for the research by the institution in the country where they are studying. If they are receiving academic credit from the institution abroad for the research, they may continue to work on the project upon their return, and they may receive up to 5 total credits for the project (credits from abroad plus credits here at IC). Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

FR 267, 367, 467 Research Add-On Course in French (1, 1, 1)
Students enrolled in a course outside the Center for Global Studies that involves a major research project may earn credit for conducting research in French. The research should be related to a major paper and/or presentation in the other discipline. A student who wishes to conduct research for a project in another field using French language sources will submit a credit request to both the professor of the research related course and to the Chair of the Department of World Languages. The course level will be determined upon consultation with the language supervisor and the Chair of the Department of World Languages.

WL 470 World Languages Capstone (2)
An extensive and directed research project or culminating experience (e.g., service learning, translation, interpretation, cultural awareness campaign, etc.) focused on an interdisciplinary topic, where one of the disciplines is FR, GE, JP, or SP. Taken in conjunction with IS204. Prerequisite: senior standing and approval of advisor(s).

FR 480 Departmental Honors Course in French (2)
An honors thesis written in French by French major in the second semester of their senior year. The thesis will be defended orally (in English) at a public presentation open to the entire Illinois College community. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.