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Ken Corbett ’83

“It feels good to be in a position to financially support those things that are particularly meaningful in my life today. Illinois College afforded me the opportunity to have a good job, a good family and a good life. I am blessed in so many ways, and I feel it is important to financially recognize Illinois College in the spring of each year.
The dedicated professors, especially Dean Eldred, had such confidence in me. I learned how to work hard, trust people and go for the things I wanted. The professional successes I have had can clearly be credited to Illinois College's emphasis on learning inside and outside the classroom. I was just an O.K. student, but the experiences that helped me develop leadership skills through organizations such as Pi Pi Rho, Student Activities Board, residence hall counselor in Turner Hall, senior class president and various sports teams were also important.”

Doug Erickson ’04

“I give to Illinois College because I believe in it - in the personalized educational experiences and the exceptional higher education that students receive. The faculty and facilities being built and maintained at Illinois College put the institution in a position where our continued support could spurn even greater achievements for our local and distant communities in the immediate future.
As an engineering consultant, the ability to effectively communicate technical problems and solutions to people outside the engineering profession is very important to my success. Illinois College's focus on communication within the classroom, along with my involvement in Sigma Pi, have given me communication experiences beyond those of an average young engineer and helped me succeed in this unique and rewarding branch of engineering.”
Doug and his wife, Tiffany Torbeck ’04, were married on April 4, 2009, and were thrilled to have many of their Illinois College friends at their sides. They both feel that Illinois College has blessed them with many lifelong relationships, the best of which being their marriage.

Lisa Lucassen Pierce ’91

“I give to Illinois College because I believe it is our future. Without alumni support the College would not be as sound as it is today nor could it have a place in the future. Illinois College gave me the help I needed to get out into the world and make a difference. It is important to me to carry on that tradition to have future entrepreneurs and leaders in our world.

Illinois College has a lasting impression of helping to educate our future leaders, educators and business owners as well as being there for you in the future should you need it. The education I received at Illinois College gave me the fortitude to step out of the box and start my own business. Here it is 10-plus years later, and I’m still in business and wanting to give back to Illinois College who helped me to be what they knew I could be!”

Julie Brannin Schock ’97

“I was fortunate enough to receive a half-tuition honors scholarship which enabled me to have very little debt upon leaving Illinois College. This was especially helpful when heading off to graduate school with all of the expenses that endeavor brings. I that the vast majority of my friends also had some sort of financial assistance from the College. I think it speaks very highly of an institution when you see how their money is spent, and it is directly impacting its students.

My time at Illinois College taught me that possibilities are endless in this world and with a well-rounded education a person can be ready for them. It was one of the most fun, rewarding, personality shaping and intellectually growing times of my life.”

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