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IC Connections :: The Illinois College Transfer Experience

Transfer students are welcomed and integrated into our living and learning campus community from the first moment they arrive through a program we call "IC Connections :: The Illinois College Transfer Experience". All transfer students participate in IC Connections, an interlocking set of programs specially designed to assist transfer students in IC Studentsthe unique transitions they face entering a new institution. 
We want all new students to be prepared for the difficult work of college courses, to learn the right study habits and to get used to asking for help from professors. IC Connections offers exciting events and focused workshops that introduce transfer students to each other and to the College. Through it, students share common experiences, explore values, create lasting bonds and become valued members of our community.

Goals of the Program

   ::   Welcomes students as new members of our community      
   ::   Provides all transfer students with support for their unique transitions
   ::   Establishes the expectations of our College community      
   ::   Encourages a sense of responsibility to the campus community and beyond      
   ::   Enhances interaction between transfer students and their advisors   
   ::   Introduces incoming students to the values of Illinois College

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