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The Khalaf Al Habtoor Leadership Program

Illinois College was founded by men who, fresh from college themselves, considered the needs and challenges of the young nation unfolding before them. They were bold in their planning and ambitious in their undertaking. For this nation to succeed and to prosper, they knew it would require an educated and engaged citizenry. For this reason, these young men left home and hearth to build a college on the nation’s frontier and prepare such citizens who could lead and serve.

Today, our frontier has shifted. In the 21st century, the world stands at the edge of every community and nation and the work of Illinois College has grown to meet the needs of this new global society. We exist now, just as we did then, to produce citizens of the nation and world who are equipped with the values and skills necessary to lead and serve.

But to what end? The answer today varies only in scope, but not in form. At the very heart of this very special liberal arts college we have always believed in the call to freedom and justice. Our students and alumni lead and serve to expand and protect human rights and opportunity. Without reservation. Without borders. Without ceasing.

The Khalaf Al Habtoor Leadership Program is an opportunity open to all students to choose to use their Illinois College education to develop their minds and characters in ways that allow others to see our mission ever at work in their lives.
The Vision
The Khalaf Al Habtoor Leadership Program at Illinois College exists to carry out the vision of justice and opportunity for all people in the community, the nation and, the world.

The Mission
True to the integral purposes and vision of a liberal arts education at Illinois College, the Al Habtoor Leadership Program seeks to develop in our students the commitment, values, and abilities needed to lead and serve the campus, the community, and the world.
The Goals
The Al Habtoor Leadership Program seeks to empower Illinois College students to be effective citizen-leaders in our global community by helping them to 
  • Develop a sense of social responsibility, personal integrity, and philosophy of leadership;
  • Appreciate the relationship between ethics and leadership; 
  • Understand the complexity of leadership;
  • Recognize the impact of cultural context on leadership and policy issues;
  • Engage in meaningful service;
  • Seek out leadership positions both on- and off- campus;
  • Make connections between coursework and co-curricular activities;
  • Engage in realistic self-appraisal;
  • Set goals and establish purpose;
  • Work collaboratively and effectively with others;
  • Value diverse perspectives;
  • Increase communication skills;
  • Develop personal management skills such as problem-solving and ethical decision making; and
  • Learn by regular reflection.

Program Features   

The program includes a multi- and interdisciplinary leadership course that features an award-winning service-learning project; the Al Habtoor Lecture Series; student support for programs and projects associated with the College’s state, national and international affiliations (e.g., Clinton Global Initiative University Network, Interfaith Youth Core, The Washington Center, the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture) as well as an alternative break program; Aequitus, a special opportunity for students to connect with one another in a wide range of experiential learning activities; leadership internships; and the opportunity to design an individualized major that focuses on human rights and leadership.
If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more, and become more, you are a leader.
- John Quincy Adams 

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