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Get Involved with the Center for Student Involvement!

The ways in which Illinois College students spend their time outside of class tell a lot about their values and goals. With over 80 student organizations on campus, you have lots of ways to get involved.
There is a ton happening on campus!
Join a group or a cause to develop your leadership skills, gain career-related experience, learn organizational skills, meet other students and get to know faculty members outside of class. Most of all, you will have fun and know that you are growing and becoming more accomplished with every day you spend at Illinois College. 
Over 80 student organizations, from community service, sports and spirit clubs to the historic Literary Societies, invite every student to get involved. The Center for Student Involvement serves as a resource for student leaders through advising, leadership development programs and organizational support services.  Through your involvement in co-curricular activities, you’ll round out your academic experience by learning new skills that will make your education complete!

Start Your Involvement Journey Here!

Looking to get involved on campus? Don’t know where to begin to get involved? Want to take your involvement to the next level? Come to the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) and let us help investigate the right involvement path for you! Please click HERE to sign up for your involvement advising appointment.

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