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The student government body at Illinois College is called Student Forum. Student Forum presides over and subsidizes a majority of the student groups, clubs, and organizations that are on campus.

Student Forum shall attempt to reflect student opinion on basic and important issues of College life and will act as a representative of the student body at all times working to promote the best interest of the students within the larger context of the Illinois College community.


Executive Officers: The President and Vice President of Forum shall be elected by the Student Body at the end of the spring semester, no later than May. The President and Vice President shall nominate all other Executive Board members. The President is the chief executive and thus is the official representative of Student Forum and the student body to the Administration. The President proposes policy and also appoints the Executive Board and student all-school committee members and presides over all Student Forum meetings. The Vice President assigns proposed policy to committees, appoints standing committee members, ensures classes and proceeding on their fundraising efforts and succeeds the President if the position falls vacant.

Executive Board: President, Vice President and the appointed Treasurer and Secretary. The position of Chaplain is honorary and comes from within the Legislative body. The Treasurer proposes the annual budget as well as executes the financial policy of Student Forum. The Secretary makes the minutes of each meeting available for public display in addition to keeping record of all policy and legislation passed by Student Forum.

Legislative Body: The Legislative Body consists of three class officers (President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer) and three representatives from each class elected by respective classes. The term of office for the Legislative Body shall begin following fall elections and terminate May 1 of the following year. The Legislative Body has the power to propose policy on behalf of the students of Illinois College by passing legislation. They also shall review all appointments and decisions the Executive Board makes whenever necessary.

The following is a list of Student Forum STANDING COMMITTEES and their functions:

Communications and Elections: Responsible for maintaining relations between Student Forum, the Student Body and the Administration of the College. Responsible for administering all Student Forum sponsored elections and referenda.

Finance: Responsible for preparing the budget and maintaining relations with the Business Office.

Room and Board: Responsible for discussing issues, concerns, standards and procedures of the students with the Illinois College Food Service. Responsible for addressing the issues, concerns and policy that affect the residents of the residence halls by working with the Office of Residential Life.


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