Faculty-Student Research

Part of our emphasis at IC on experiential learning includes faculty-student research. Students who work closely with faculty on research projects learn what it means to do research. They gain experience in the techniques of research, whether titrating in Biology and Chemistry, finding sources in archives in History, or learning to use census data in Economics or Sociology. By participating in the research project, they come to understand how to develop a research question, decide what evidence will answer that question, and communicate the results persuasively to an audience. Whether or not a student decides to pursue graduate school or a job in the field of the research, that learning will be useful in any job.

Faculty-student research also helps our faculty. They gain valuable help with their own research agendas, have the support to begin new projects, and often learn from working with their students.

Generous donors have created funds to support faculty-student research. For more information, contact the Office of Academic Affairs, 217.245.3010.

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