U.S. Diversity/Global Awareness


U.S. Diversity/Global Awareness train students to recognize that there are various cultures in the United States and in the world, to learn from and about them, and to understand that many different elements of culture contribute to the dynamic character of the nation. They also enable students to know about cultures beyond national borders and understand how they are interrelated.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the US Diversity/Global Awareness requirement, students will
1. be able to think, speak, and write with accuracy about peoples and cultures other than their own;
2. demonstrate an understanding of how their own identity and history is intertwined with others in the world;
3. have learned how to develop thoughtful and reasoned responses to varied issues, from local to global.

The BLUEprint General Education Program states that students will fulfill this requirement through completion of all of the following experiences:

• required foreign language course at the 102-level or above connected to another course;
some sessions in the fourth hour of the first-year seminar;
• 1 course with a significant American diversity component;
• 1 course with a significant global awareness component;
The Global Awareness requirement may be fulfilled through study abroad and a reflective essay or participation in a BreakAway experience and a reflective essay.
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