Speaking Extensive


Speaking Extensive courses incorporate experiences that allow students to practice their public speaking skills. Students build on the skills introduced in CO 101, “Speech Fundamentals.” They develop the ability to speak publicly in a clear, ethical, purposeful manner, in a variety of settings, including the specialized settings for their major or profession.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Speaking Extensive requirement, students will
1. communicate ideas in a clear, accurate, logical, and compelling manner (i.e., increase knowledge, foster understanding, and change attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors, etc.);
2. organize an oral presentation (i.e., introduction, body, conclusion, transitional statements/language, etc.);
3. use multiple forms of supporting materials appropriate to each discipline (i.e., citing evidence, testimony, examples, and other forms of discipline-specific reasoning, etc.);
4. deliver a discipline-appropriate oral presentation meeting instructor-established expectations and presentation characteristics (i.e., verbal effectiveness, audience analysis techniques, discipline-specific language and presentation style, body language, professional conduct, etc.);
5. use visual aids to represent data/techniques appropriate to each discipline (i.e., photos, graphs, maps, illustrations, etc.).
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