Donald C. Mundinger Memorial Service

Sunday, October 17, 2010 :: Rammelkamp Chapel
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Dr. Donald C. MundingerIllinois College would like to thank Dr. John Nies for his tribute honoring Dr. Mundinger, as well as thank Judge Steven Ray Bordner ’77, Dean Donald R. Eldred, Ms. Venice Meyer ’80 and Mr. C. Reed Parker for giving their remembrances at a Homecoming weekend memorial service honoring Dr. Mundinger on Sunday, October 17, 2010. Dr. Richard T. Fry, Dr. Naomi E. Hahn and Dean Doris B. Hopper ’41 gave Scripture readings with music by Mrs. Stephanie Smith-Wilkey and Dr. Rudolf J. Zuiderveld.
Dr. Axel D. Steuer, 13th president of Illinois College, officiated the memorial service, with assistance from Dr. John S. Kay, Illinois College trustee and pastor of Jacksonville’s First Presbyterian Church.

Memorial Service Tribute

by John Nies, October 17, 2010
We are here today to celebrate the life of Dr. Donald C. Mundinger. As the previous speakers have so eloquently articulated, each of us has our own memories of what he meant to us and a personal perspective of his character and the meaning of his life. Unfortunately, within a brief tribute a singular reflection cannot summarize all our collective thoughts about Don. Hopefully, a few comments will connect with some of your memories, and in a limited way, constitute the tribute Don so richly deserves.

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Donald C. Mundinger Remembrance

by Dean Donald R. Eldred, October 17, 2010
We come to you this afternoon wearing our gowns of office; we wear them to honor our leader, our mentor, and our very good friend, Donald C. Mundinger.

There are not enough minutes in our memorial program to do justice to our individual remembrances and to our praises. Any words we might have chosen would all have remained to inadequate to capture our deepest appreciation and respect and personal friendship for our long-time president.
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Donald C. Mundinger Remembrance

by The Honorable Steven Ray Bordner ’77, October 17, 2010
Dr. Mundinger and I both arrived at Illinois College in the summer of 1973. He as president of the college with an already impressive array of accomplishments at Valparaiso University, and I as a freshman from a small town in central Illinois. I recall those golden high-spirited days of my youth spent happily here at this hilltop.
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The Power of Words

by Robert E. Chipman ’74, October 9, 2010
The following devotion was the given at the October 9, 2010, Illinois College Board of Trustee Meeting. Mr. Chipman, of Jacksonville, is serving his first term as a charter trustee.

Don Mundinger’s two decades of service were marked by record enrollment, new construction across campus, significant endowment growth and the expansion of the faculty. He directed two separate campaigns during his presidency raising more the $20 million to improve the College. He often referred to himself as the College’s chief fundraiser. He was successful in that work.
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Donald C. Mundinger Funeral Service

by Pastor Steve Bongard, August 25, 2010
By any human measure of success, Don Mundinger was a successful person. With degrees from Concordia, River Forest, Northwestern, Washington University, and post-doctoral work at the University of Michigan and Cambridge, well-educated would seem to be an understatement in Don’s case.
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Donald C. Mundinger Memorial Tree

Mundinger Memorial TreeHonoring Dr. Mundinger, several Illinois College donors made a gift to purchase a memorial tree, which was recently planted along the sidewalk immediately north of Rammelkamp Chapel. The memorial tree plaque reads:

In memory of
President 1973-1993

Given by Jim Green ’61, Bill Gussner ’63, Don Hawrysz ’66,
Bill Merris ’56 and Mike Pinson ’63
Green Pillar Oak | Quercus palustris

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