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Senior Class Gift

There is no better way to celebrate your Illinois College experience, and pay that gift forward to the entire Hilltop community, than by making your senior class gift today.
Members of the Class of 2017 who contribute to their class gift received the following benefits:
   :: Invitation to the Donor Recognition Luncheon at Homecoming,
      exclusive to donors of Illinois College
   :: Complimentary Illinois College pub glass to use at the Senior
      Class Gift Kickoff Event
   :: Complimentary Illinois College wine glass to use at the Senior 
      Wine and Cheese reception at the Alumni House
   :: Exclusive commemorative lapel pin to wear at Commencement
   :: Recognition in the Commencement program
   :: Recognition in the 2016-2017 Annual Report

Why Give?

Why should you give to your Senior Class gift? Here are a few reasons:
      :: 99% of students at IC receive a scholarship that is made possible by gifts to the IC Fund.
         Most likely, you are one of these 99%
      :: Students and alumni who give to Illinois College enhances the reputation of IC,
         thereby making your degree more valuable. 
      :: You can give your gift in support of ANYTHING on campus. You can also make your gift
         in honor of a professor, staff member or someone else who positively influenced you
         during your time on the Hilltop. 

Senior Class Gift Facts

What is the Senior Class Gift?
A monetary gift of $20.17 or more to the IC Fund to support any academic department, athletic sport, literary society or student organization on campus. The Class of 2017 is working to achieve 60 percent participation. To receive all benefits, your gift must be at least $20.17.
What is the IC Fund?
The IC Fund is the College's unrestricted fund that makes an immediate impact on campus. From academics to Study Abroad opportunities, to student-faculty collaborative research to scholarships, the IC Fund touches each and every student, faculty and staff member on Illinois College's campus.
I pay a lot in tuition. Isn't that enough?
Unfortunately, tuition only covers a portion of your student experience on campus. A total of 99 percent of students on the Hilltop receive financial aid and scholarship money, a large majority of that tuition support comes from the IC Fund.
I don't have much money, I don't think I can afford to give.
That's OK! Any gift- no matter the amount- counts toward your class' giving percentage and is appreciated by Illinois College. The best time to make is difference is today.
How can I make a gift?
You can make a gift several different ways. The easiest way is to give online at You may make a gift by cash or check by visiting the Alumni House anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Class of 2017 Honor Roll and Current Statistics

Class Participation :: 58%
Class President :: Mesfin Lenth '17
Class of 2017 Donors: 
Tyler Adams :: IC Fund
Fatma Alshantti :: IC Fund
Verneisha Anderson :: APO
Rachel Arceneaux :: Elaine Chapman Biology Faculty-Student Research Fund
Shelby Arthur :: IC Fund
Adam Ausmus :: IC Fund
Daniel Bacon :: Student Scholarships
Jessica Bailey :: IC Fund
Dyllan Bailey :: IC Fund
Harra Banu :: IC Fund
Mackenzie Becherer :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Golf
Brant Bess :: IC Fund
Heath Bruce :: IC Fund
Katie Brueggeman :: IC Fund
Samantha Carlock :: IC Fund
Deana Carnaghi :: IC Fund
Alexis Chavez :: IC Fund 
Jovanna Chavez :: IC Fund
Clayton Ciesler :: IC Fund
Audrey Clayton :: IC Fund
Jojo Comstock :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Soccer
Brandon Coniglio :: IC Fund
Frankie Copado :: IC Fund
Kyle Cronister :: IC Fund
Aliyah Crump :: IC Fund 
Tek Dahal :: IC Fund
Kaiden Davis :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Basketball
Bo Davis :: IC Fund
Patricia Davis :: Department of Art
Courtney Dietz :: Department of Theatre
Shai Dixon :: Chi Beta
Taylor Donohoo :: IC Fund
Samantha DuBois :: IC Fund
Payton Dugan :: IC Fund
Darbi Durham :: IC Fund
Adam Enz :: IC Fund
Valerie Escudero :: Department of Psychology
Angel Ewing :: IMO - Antonia Gomer
Hailey Feigl :: IC Fund 
Brendan Finley :: IC Fund
Gabi Fisher :: IC Fund
Kaitlyn Flachs :: IC Varsity Club :: Women's Swimming
Kara Fulkerson :: Academic Support
Holly Garcia :: IC Fund
Alyssa Garde :: IC Fund
Yordanos Gebremichael :: IC Fund
Shelby Gill :: IC Fund
Nathaniel Groh :: IC Fund
Jordan Hale :: IC Fund
Natalie Halpin :: IC Fund
Emily Harms :: IC Fund
Emily Heiser :: IC Varsity Club  - Women's Golf
Jasmine Hill :: IC Fund
Ashley Hoegger :: IC Fund
Erin Hogsdon :: Debate Team
Dylan Howard :: IC Fund
Haley Hoyt :: Department of Psychology
Kat Jiardina :: IC Fund
Ellie Johnson :: Alpha Phi Omega
Jack Jones :: IC Fund
Benie Kalala :: Gamma Delta
Erica Kemple :: IC Fund
Dalton Kerans :: Baseball/Softball Renovation
Amy King :: Gamma Delta
Ally Kjellander :: Dr. Jeremy Turner Student-Faculty Research
Taylor Klingele :: IC Varsity Club 
Hannah Knapper :: IC Fund
T.J. Lawal :: IC Fund
Mesfin Lenth :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Soccer
Katie Linder :: IC Fund
Courtney Louveau :: Alpha Phi Omega
Lisa Lowry :: IC Varsity Club - Women's Volleyball
Katelynn Manley :: IC Fund 
Eric Martinez :: IC Fund
Kayla Matthews :: IC Fund
Lauren Mense :: IC Fund
Haley Mettendorf :: IC Fund
Skye Mibbs :: IC Varsity Club- Women's Track and Field
Ashley Murphy :: Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship
Courtney Musson-Wherley :: Student Scholarships
Kyle Nance :: IC Varsity Club - Football
Almiyahou Ngala :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Soccer
Kevin Nguemaha :: IC Fund
Alice Nukpeta :: IC Fund
Elisabethe Ocon Calderon :: IC Fund 
Patrick Oettle :: IC Fund
Emily Pacini :: Religious Life
Scott Pantier :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Golf
Mitchell Patterson :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Basketball
Leilani-Jade Pecher :: IC Fund
Alex Plovich :: Alpha Phi Omega
Hope Quarles :: IC Fund
Miriam Reed :: IC Fund
Sydni Rohlfs :: Gamma Delta 
Jessica Ross :: IC Fund
Eric Rueb :: Elaine Chapman Biology Faculty-Student Research Fund
Tierra Russell :: Gamma Delta
Tim Schappaugh :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Basketball
Braedon Sheppard :: IC Fund
Rachel Simpson :: IC Varsity Club - Women's Track and Field
Dustin Simpson :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Golf
Kaylen Sims :: IC Fund
Katie Speaks :: IC Fund
Austin Stewart :: IC Varsity Club- Football
Sarah Stover :: IC Fund
Emma Stuhmer :: Student Scholarship
Anne Sunther :: IC Fund
Dakota Swingler :: IC Fund
Melissa Tallent :: Student Scholarships
John Taylor :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Basketball
Aliyah Thomas :: IC Fund
Katie Tonry :: IC Fund 
Chimge Tsendnyam :: IC Fund
Theresa Umoren :: IC Fund 
Melissa Urban :: IC Fund
Daniel Urena :: Student Scholarships
Morgan Wachob :: Student Scholarships
Quinn Wadkins :: IC Varsity Club - Men's Golf
Katie Waggener :: IC Fund
Elizabeth Wagnon :: ICFund
Erin Washington :: IC Varsity Club, Alpha Phi Omega and Sigma Phi Epsilon 
Samuel Welbourne :: Phi Alpha
Michael Wells :: IC Fund
Morgan Whightsil :: Kappa Delta Pi
Whitney Whiteside :: IC Fund
Charity Willians :: IC Fund
Holly  Woelfel :: Student Scholarships
Mickalah York :: E&H Williams Endowed Scholarship
Megan Zirkelbach :: Sigma Phi Epsilon Scholarship

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