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Faculty who require students to participate in an off-campus event (field trip, laboratory field work, tour, etc.) need to do the following:
  1. Plan your trip in advance, especially if you plan to use a college van. To check on van availability, call x3162. 

  2. Run the "Student Emergency Contacts" report (found in the "Course Reports" box, immediately below). If any students on the list do not have emergency contact information, tell them they cannot go on the trip until they update their record on Connect2. Keep running the report until they have done this (or they decide not to participate in the off-campus event!).

    When it is complete, please print three (3) copies of it. Take one copy with you and send the other copies to the Academic Dean's Office and to the Security Office.

  3. Complete the "Field Trip Notification Form." Submit copies of it (along with the Emergency Contact List) to the Academic Dean's Office and to the Security Office. This needs to be done at least three (3) days before the trip.

  4. If any students will be using their own vehicles for your trip(s), print out the "Personal Vehicle Travel Disclaimer Form." The student(s) need to sign the form and return it to you. You need to give these to the administrative assistant for your department or (during the summer) send them to the Academic Dean's Office.
Field Trip Notification Form (.doc, 24K) 
Personal Travel Form (.doc, 23K) 

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