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Students wishing to prepare for a career in dentistry are advised to major in Biology or Chemistry with a concentration in both disciplines.  They should consult the requirements of representative dental schools in consultation with their advisor to select a program meeting those requirements. 

Dental schools consider a number of factors in the admissions process.  Successful applicants will have at least two years of undergraduate study during which they will have completed all prerequisite courses with a high grade point average.  Nearly all students, however, complete a baccalaureate degree before entry into dental school.   Besides the prerequisite courses listed below, dental school admissions committees consider scores on the Dental Admission Test (DAT), grade point average (minimum 2.5/4.0) letters of recommendation, and interviews.  Students considering a career in dentistry are strongly encouraged to get some experience with a dentist.  This can be with a dentist in the student's home town, or arrangements can be made with a number of dentists in Jacksonville for students to "shadow" their practice.

In the past ten years, Illinois College students have been accepted at the following dental schools:

::    Northwestern University School of Dentistry
::    University of Illinois School of Dentistry
::    University of Iowa College of Dentistry
::    Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine
The lowest Illinois College grade point average for acceptance to dental school was a 2.9; the average grade point average of IC grads admitted to dental school is about 3.5.

Our Pre-Dentistry Advisors:
Elaine Chapman 
   Hitchcock Professor of Biology
   B.A. Millikin University; Ph.D. University of Iowa

Zvi Pasman

   Associate Professor of Chemistry
   B.S., Ph.D. Duke University

Preparing for Dental School at Illinois College

Pre-dental students may major in any academic area, as long as they successfully complete the standard science prerequisite courses.  While students should be careful to choose the courses specifically required at each school of dentistry to which they plan to apply, the general science prerequisites include:

2 semesters of inorganic chemistry
1 or 2 semesters of organic chemistry (a biochemistry course can sometimes substitute for organic II)
2 semesters of physics
2 semesters of biology or zoology (some schools specifically require courses in microbiology, anatomy/physiology
2 -3 semesters of English/communications/literature

Other strongly suggested courses include anatomy, histology, biochemistry, physiology, psychology, principles of management, foreign language, art, and sculpture.

Sample 4-year Schedule for Illinois College Pre-Dental Students with Science Major

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