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Policies for Transfer Students
The Educational Policy Committee recommended and the faculty approved the following guidelines for transfer students’ requirements in regard to the BLUEprint General Education Program, beginning in fall semester 2012.

Transfer students
• are exempted from completing general education requirements not easily replicated at other institutions of higher learning. Examples of these requirements are Illinois College’s First-Year Seminar and Learning Community for students entering with 15 credits (first-year second semester status), linked language and culture courses when students who enter with 27 credits or more (sophomore status) have taken language and culture courses elsewhere, and science courses with a society focus for students entering with 57 credits or more (junior status) and have taken at least one science course with lab;
• are exempt from demonstrating that transferred courses include the course criteria, on the grounds that this would be onerous for students and likely also unsuccessful;
• may transfer courses to meet many general education requirements, including Foundations courses, Explorations courses, and courses with Embedded Experiences.

In order to provide as many benefits to transfer students as possible,

• once transfer students have entered Illinois College as full-time students, any further general education transfer courses must satisfy Illinois College requirements (except for course criteria);
• key distinctive elements of the Illinois College general education program are retained for all transfer students:
o writing and speaking distributed throughout the curriculum;
o experiential learning through a science lab course, a fine arts studio course, and a community engagement course;
o integrated learning through at least one pair of linked courses for transfer students entering with fewer than 57 credits;
o courses with specific content that reflect the Illinois College mission and history: diversity and global awareness, information literacy, ethics and responsible actions;
o capstone courses completed at Illinois College.


Foundations: All students entering as first-time first-year students must participate in a learning community.
1. First-Year Seminars and Learning Communities: Students entering with 15 credits or more (first-year second-semester status) will not be expected to complete a First-Year Seminar or a First-Year Learning Community at Illinois College.
2. Oral Communication: Students entering Illinois College may transfer a previously-completed oral communication course, comparable to CO 101, without a documented component for ethical and responsible action. If students transfer such an oral communication course into Illinois College, those students will be considered to have fulfilled the speaking extensive and ethical and responsible action requirements normally satisfied by the CO 101 course at Illinois College.
3. Written Communication: Students entering Illinois College may transfer a previously-completed writing course, comparable to EN 121, without a documented information literacy requirement. If students transfer such a written communication course into Illinois College, those students will be considered to have fulfilled the writing extensive and information literacy requirements normally satisfied by the EN 121 course at Illinois College.


1. Science in Society: Students entering Illinois College with 57 credits or more (junior status) are exempt from completing a course in Science in Society, if at the time of entry they transfer a natural or physical science course with a lab.
2. Linked Courses including Language and Culture: Students entering with 27 credits or more (sophomore status) may transfer in a language course at the 102-level or above that is not linked to another course; those students will be exempt from the linking requirement for the language course. Once students have entered Illinois College, no matter the number of credits with which they enter, students may not satisfy the linked courses requirement with additional “unlinked” transfer courses.
3. Linked Courses: Students entering with 57 credits or more are exempt from the requirement for a pair of linked courses which is not required to include a language course.
4. Course Criteria for Foundations, Explorations, and Linked Courses: Transfer courses are not expected to meet the course criteria.


All students, including transfer students, may transfer into Illinois College, and substitute for Illinois College general education courses, approved courses. These may include Foundations courses, Explorations courses, and courses with Embedded Experiences. In most cases, departments will collaborate with the Office of the Registrar to approve courses from other institutions of higher learning which meet the standards Illinois College faculty have set. In cases in which there is not an appropriate department or program to approve such a course, students may petition the Educational Policy Committee for approval. The EPC will also decide if petitions to approve linked courses from another institution are approved.


Transformations: All capstone courses must be completed at Illinois College.


General Education Exemptions After Entry to Illinois College with Full-Time Status:

After a transfer student enters Illinois College as a full-time student, all additional transfer courses for which the student seeks general education credit must meet each of the Illinois College requirements, with the exception of course criteria.

Co-Curricular Activities Which Meet General Education Requirements:

Students may petition the Educational Policies Committee for approval of co-curricular activities at another college or university as a substitute for such co-curricular activities at Illinois College that meet general education requirements (possible for writing, speaking, and service-learning embedded experiences). As with all transfer credit, students must demonstrate with evidence that the activity for which they seek credit meets the requirement.

The Educational Policy Committee continues to serve as the decision-making body when students seek exceptions to academic policies and requirements, including this legislation.

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