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Occupational Therapy

Students preparing for a career in Occupational Therapy are advised to concentrate their academic coursework in Biology and Psychology.  They should consult with the Pre-Occupational Therapy advisors to select a program, which will meet the admission requirements of professional schools of occupational therapy.

Illinois College has a cooperative 3-2 program in Occupational Therapy with Washington University in St. Louis.  Students complete a rigorous program at Illinois College in three years and then apply for admission to the professional program. After successful completion of the first professional year, students earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Biology or Psychology from Illinois College.  After the second year at Washington University they are awarded the M.S. degree in Occupational Therapy or after the third year, the OTD is awarded.  Students may also elect to complete their baccalaureate degree at Illinois College and then apply to Washington University or any other program in the country. 

In the past ten years, Illinois College students have been accepted in to the following Occupational Therapy programs:

::    Washington University
::    Rockhurst College
::    St. Ambrose University
::    Midwestern University
::    University of Indianapolis
::    Governor’s State University

Our Pre-Occupational Therapy Advisors:

Elaine S. Chapman
Hitchcock Professor of Biology
B.A. Millikin University; Ph.D. University of Iowa

Elizabeth A. Rellinger-Zettler
Professor of Psychology
B.S. Loyola University of Chicago, M.A. and Ph.D. University of Notre Dame

3-2 Program in Occupational Therapy 
Washington University and Illinois College

Prerequisite Courses for Washington University:

Students must earn at least a B in prerequisite courses.  Grades of Pass/Fail will not be accepted for prerequisite courses. At least 4 of the 6 prerequisites must be fulfilled at the time of application in the fall prior to the admission deadline of December 15; the remaining two classes can be completed in the spring or summer prior to matriculation.

::    Biology/Life Sciences: 200-level or above, 1 course
::    Physiology: Biology 315, 316 (Anatomy and Physiology I, II)
::    Psychology 346 (Abnormal Psychology)
::    Psychology 275 or 276. (Developmental or Lifespan Development)
::    Social Science: Suggested courses include, but are not limited to: sociology, anthropology, economics, political science, geography, other psychology courses.
::    Math 123: Statistics
For more information, visit the Washington University of St. Louis Admissions Page

Illinois College Required Courses for the  Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology

A. General Education Requirements

::    English 121. Principles of Writing
::    Communications 101
::    Fine Arts: 1 course
::    Humanities: 2 courses
::    Modern Languages: 2 courses
::    Social Sciences: 2 courses
::    Religious and Philosophical Issues: 1 course
::    Civic Issues and Responsibility: 1 course
::    Global Issues and Cultural Awareness: 1 course

 B. Required Courses for the 3-2 O.T./Biology Major

::    Biology 111: General Biology I
::    Biology 207, Genetics
::    Two courses from: Biology 201, Botany; 205, Zoology; 208, Developmental Biology; 245 Microbiology
::    Biology 315, 316, Anatomy and Physiology I and II
::    Chemistry 111, 112 General Chemistry I and II
::    Mathematics 133 or above
::    (Physics 101, 102 strongly recommended)

Proficiencies: The Washington University Program in Occupational Therapy expects students to be computer literate/competent upon enrollment in the Program. Prior to enrolling in the Program a course in medical terminology is highly recommended.  Students are required to be certified in CPR before they enroll in the professional program.

Sample Schedule for Occupational Therapy 3-2 Students


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