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The Illinois College Mission

True to its founding vision in 1829, Illinois College is a community committed to the highest standards of scholarship and integrity in the liberal arts. The College develops in its students qualities of mind and character needed for fulfilling lives of leadership and service.

The Illinois College Vision

By 2015, Illinois College will be widely recognized as one of the top 25 residential liberal arts colleges in the Midwest and as being among the top 100 residential liberal arts colleges nationally in terms of the quality of its educational programs. The College’s enrollment will stabilize at 1,150 to 1,200 students. A significant majority of those students will graduate from the College within four years, upon completing programs of study firmly rooted in the liberal arts. Illinois College will be a college of first choice for promising students from the Midwest and beyond who seek a liberal arts education that is especially relevant for the 21st century.

The successful and timely completion of a rigorous liberal arts education is a goal the Illinois College community has for each student the College enrolls. In placing student success among the fundamental goals that guide its actions, Illinois College recognizes that its integrity and excellence are in large part measured by the educational benefits its students enjoy.

The College will offer rigorous student-centered academic programs anchored in a cohesive general education program and complemented by a model co-curriculum. Guided by an assessment plan that will ensure the overall quality of these programs and the engaged learning opportunities they engender, the curriculum and co-curriculum of Illinois College will foster an academic and social environment marked by a pervasive sense of concern for the intellectual, moral, social, aesthetic and spiritual development of its students. Drawing upon its heritage of educating leaders for public life, Illinois College graduates will be distinctive for their skills in written and oral communication, community engagement, critical thinking and scientific literacy, and for their commitment to furthering the public good. Cultural literacy will be enriched through a common effort to increase and celebrate the geographic, socio-economic, racial and ethnic diversity of its faculty, staff and students.

The College will affirm and model the moral purpose it serves in society and will place a special emphasis on education of character. It will make evident, both in its corporate and its individual expressions, a commitment to diversity, to good stewardship of our natural environment, and to the shared institutional values of excellence, integrity, community, justice, service, respect and openness.

From a position of growing fiscal strength, Illinois College will develop further several highly regarded signature programs. The task of educating its students for fulfilling lives of leadership and service will be accomplished under the guidance of exceptionally prepared faculty and dedicated staff who hold students and themselves to the highest expectations. In turn, Illinois College faculty and staff will have the assurance of career-long institutional support for their personal and professional development. The College’s firm commitment to student learning, engagement and personal growth will result in significantly heightened student aspirations and their access to the best graduate schools and professional programs after graduation.

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