Master of Arts in Education Required Courses

ED 510 – Cognitive, Social and Emotional Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (4 credit hours) This course addresses the fundamental issues related to the processes of learning and obstacles to learning, and demonstrates models of teaching to accommodate learners and overcome obstacles. Offered fall semester.

ED 520 – Seminar in Instructional Communication (4 credit hours) Participants examine existing research trends in the area of instructional communication and receive training to incorporate important instructional behaviors into their own classroom settings. Offered summer session.

ED 530 – Cognitive Development in Context (4 credit hours) This course deals with the complex interactions between economics, race, ethnicity and gender as they affect cognitive development and academic performance. An emphasis will be placed on raising learning expectations among rural students from low socioeconomic communities. Offered summer session.

ED 540 – Critical Pedagogy, Social Justice and Democracy in Education (4 credit hours)  This course seeks to help students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to examine critically and evaluate various classroom practices. Offered spring semester.

ED 550 – Social and Emotional Development of School Learners (4 credit hours) This course begins with an examination of the forces that shape a child’s social and emotional world. It then addresses the myriad ways that socioemotional competencies (including emotional regulation, concentration skills, growth mindsets, self-esteem, prosocial behaviors, and understanding of the thoughts and feelings of others) affect classroom learning. Offered summer session.

ED 560 – Principles of Measurement in Education (4 credit hours) This course addresses classical test theory and its application to the construction of reliable and valid teacher-made tests. It provides an introduction to SPSS for calculating descriptive statistics, and for conducting t-tests, correlation analysis and linear regression analysis, with instruction on how to summarize statistical results in current APA format.  This course will cover the collection, analysis and interpretation of classroom assessment data toward the identification of learners’ strengths and needs.   Offered spring semester.

ED 570 – Educational Inquiry: Research in Action (4 credit hours) This course will provide an introduction to educational research from an interdisciplinary perspective. A number of research methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative approaches, are explored. The main goal for the course is the development of a comprehensive, high-quality research proposal in preparation for the capstone project. Offered fall semester.

ED 571 – Capstone Experience (1 credit hour) A culminating experience where students implement and complete an action research project that they developed in ED 570. Students will analyze data collected, summarize findings and state recommendations for further research and/or implementation. Prerequisites: Completion of an approved capstone research experience plan in ED 570 and permission of the Graduate Committee. Offered as needed.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Following the course sequence outlined below, the Master of Arts in Education degree at Illinois College may be completed in 2 years.

Semester  Course Description
Fall Year 1 ED 510:  Cognitive, Social and Emotional Dimensions of Teaching and Learning 4
Spring Year 1 ED 540:  Critical Pedagogy, Social Justice and Democracy in Education
Spring Year 1 Elective* 1
Summer Year 1 ED 550:  Social and Emotional Development of School Learners 4
Summer Year 1 ED 5:30  Cognitive Development in Context 4
Summer Year 1 Elective* 1
Fall Year 2 ED 570:  Educational Inquiry:  Research in Action 4
Fall Year 2 Elective* 1
Spring Year 2 ED 560:  Principles of Measurement in Education 4
Summer Year 2 ED 520:  Seminar in Instructional Communication 4
Summer Year 2 ED 571 Capstone Experience 1

*3 credits from elective courses must be earned in addition to the 29 hours of core required courses and may be taken at any point in the sequence.  Elective course offerings vary by semester and are subject to change.


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