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Management Information Systems

The Department of Computer Science and the Department of Management and Organizational Leadership offer a major in Management Information Systems (MIS). The primary focus of the major in Management Information Systems (MIS) is for students to learn a solid practical foundation in software development (algorithm development and programming) and the foundations of management. Students further have the opportunity to learn various topics by taking elective courses in computer science. Students may also enroll in additional courses in Management and Organizational Leadership, to strengthen their knowledge of management. Students are carefully advised by faculty members from both departments.
 The purpose of the Computer Club is to discuss the latest issues concerning the fields of computer science and MIS. The club takes field trips to facilities that use computers as a mainstay of their business, and sponsor an end-of-the-year social gathering. Some members of the club participate in the annual Associate of Computing Machinery (ACM) Regional programming contests. 

What do MIS majors do after graduating from Illinois College?
The major in MIS helps to prepare students for a career in the field and/or further study in a graduate program. MIS majors have gotten jobs as programmers and systems analyst. Students have recently been employed by Levi, Ray & Shoup Inc and State Farm Insurance.

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