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Want a junior jump start? Illinois College can help!
You’ve already done many things to be eligible for admission consideration to IC. You’ve taken solid academic courses. By graduation you should complete at least four years of English, three years of math, two years of lab science and two years of social studies. Wondering about ACT or SAT exams? Illinois College is a test score optional institution so you can choose if you want your scores included in the application review.

Select spring semester junior year classes.

:: The degree of difficulty of your course load is considered when reviewing your application. Be
   sure to take advantage of any honors or Advance Placement courses available at your high

:: Select of full load of solid academic classes.

Research college options over winter break.

:: Search the internet for college information and review the publications you have received.
   Develop your preliminary list of top college choices.

:: Prepare a list of colleges to visit in the spring or summer before your senior year.

Register for the ACT or SAT.

:: In February or March, schedule an appointment to meet with your guidance counselor to    
   register for the ACT or SAT.

:: Review ACT and SAT websites.
   Learn more about the ACT test here.
   Learn more about the SAT test here.

Good luck on the ACT or SAT!
   :: SAT – March 12, 2011
      Illinois College SAT Code: 1315
   :: ACT – April 9, 2011
      Illinois College ACT Code: 1034

Visit colleges over spring break.
:: Schedule a personal visit to campus. Tour campus with a student ambassador, meet with a
   professor in your area of academic area of interest, enjoy a meal at one of the three on-campus
   dining options, talk with one of our coaches, etc.

In April, select fall semester senior year classes.
:: Most colleges look the rigor of your senior year fall semester classes and may even wait for your
   grades. Be sure to select of full load of solid academic classes. 

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