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IC Rides and Transportation

IC Rides comprises different shuttle services sponsored by the Illinois College Student Senate. It includes weekly Sunday afternoon shuttles to Walmart, periodic Saturday afternoon shuttles to Springfield, and shuttles to/from the train station and airport for semester breaks (Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and the beginning/end of semesters). For some breaks, we also offer charter bus transportation to/from Chicago.
*At all other times, be prepared to make your own arrangements for transportation to or from campus*

There are 12 or 13 rides offered per semester. Every effort has been made to devise a schedule accommodating students’ domestic and international travel patterns. Please plan your travel arrangements according to this schedule.
There is a $5.00 fee each way. Reservations must be received by 12 noon on the last regular work day prior to any given IC Ride; please refer to the IC Rides Schedule for details.
If you ride without a prior reservation, you will be charged the $5.00 each way fee, plus an additional $10.00 fee and will be treated as a stand-by passenger ( you will know only at the time of departure whether there is space available).
No-shows (those who made a reservation, but are not there at the time of departure or pick-up) will be charged the $5.00 fee as well as a $10.00 no-show penalty.
Reservations are required to guarantee pick-up on an IC Ride. (i.e. if you arrive at the airport in Springfield and expect pick-up, but the driver only knows about arrivals at the train station, the van will not come to the airport).

IC Rides Waiver and Release

New Incoming Students: Please note that International Student Orientation, Registration Days and Welcome Week take place before the semester and hence are not included in the regular IC Rides schedule. We will arrange your transportation to campus separately. For your pickup in Springfield, please contact your Admissions Counselor. Be sure to provide full travel details, including date, times, flight numbers, and/or trains for all air and ground travel.

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