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Alternative/Private Education Loans
Alternative/Private education loans are additional loan opportunities available through commercial lenders. Alternative loans may be used as a source of financial aid in addition to Illinois College, state and federal assistance. These loans are subject to credit analysis and may require a co-signer. Since federal loan programs are less expensive than private loans, students should consider alternative loans last when developing a strategy to pay for higher education at Illinois College. Other financing options include a home equity line of credit, which may have tax benefits for some families, or another type of collateralized loan. You may want to discuss these with your financial adviser.

When choosing an alternative loan program, some of the following factors should be examined:
  • The importance of a co-signer. Students will likely have better chances of being accepted for an alternative loan and receive a better interest rate if a credit-worthy co-signer is used. Click here for more details on using a co-signer.
  • Interest rate. The interest rates are typically variable and may be based on either the LIBOR or Prime rate.
  • Loan fees. An origination fee is the amount of money that the lender keeps off the top of the loan proceeds. For instance, if $1000 is borrowed with a 5% origination fee, the borrower will actually have $950 disbursed towards their account, as the lender keeps $50. When the loan is repaid, payments are based on borrowing $1000.
  • Loan repayment and deferment options. Some lenders will allow students to defer payments until after graduation, while others require interest payments while in school. Repayment plans may differ as well. To access a repayment calculator, visit FinAid!

Alternative Loan Lenders
Below is an inclusive list of lenders used by Illinois College students during the past three (3) years that are currently offering an alternative loan program. The College does not have a preferred lender list and has not entered into a preferred lender arrangement with any lender. Illinois College will process private/alternative loans through any lender the student chooses. Borrowers are not limited to the lenders listed below.
Lender: CEFCU
Loan: Private Student Loan from CEFCU
Phone Number: 1.800.542.3328
Lender: Sallie Mae
Loan: Smart Option Student Loan
Phone Number: 1-888-2-SALLIE (1.888.272.5543)
Lender: Discover
Loan: Discover Student Loan
Phone Number: 1.877.728.3030
Lender: Wells Fargo
Loan: Wells Fargo Collegiate Loan
Phone Number: 1.877.437.3029
Lender: PNC
Loan: PNC Solution Loan 
Phone Number: 1.800.762.1001
Lender: cuStudent Loans
Loan: cuScholars Private Student Loan
Phone Number: 1.888.549.9050
Lender: DHCU Community Credit Union
Loan: DHCU Community Credit Union Home Equity Line of Credit Loan
Phone Number: 1.800.323.5109
Lender: iHELP
Loan: iHELP Alternative Loan
Phone Number: 1.800.645.7404
Lender: IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
Loan: IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union Student Loan
Phone: 1.800.378.5526
Lender: SunTrust Bank
Loan: Custom Choice Loan
Phone Number: 1.866.232.3889
Lender: First Tech Federal Credit Union
Loan: Student Choice Loan
Phone Number: 1.800.236.7991
Student Lending Code of Conduct
Illinois College is committed to providing students and their families with the best information and processing alternatives available regarding student borrowing.

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