Faculty in Theatre

Nancy Taylor Porter, Chair | Associate Professor of Theatre
217.245.3433 |

Professor Taylor Porter feels very fortunate to be working in a field that allows her to bring her love for all the arts together through collectively creating meaning with colleagues and students. In both her teaching and directing, she introduces students to new ideas and new ways of seeing, inspired by watching them grow as thinkers, communicators, performers, and leaders. A singer, dancer, actor, and Shakespeare specialist, she is also studying women and violence on stage. 
Craig Steenerson | Associate Professor of Theatre / Technical Director and Designer
Professor Steenerson enjoys working with his students in all aspects of technical theatre. From the classroom to the stage, Craig likes the process of collaborating, watching ideas develop and flourish. He fosters a good sense of community and participation, so students, at any skill level, can feel like they have contributed to their part of the process. He believes that students should learn while doing, work above their potential, and always remember to measure twice and cut once!  
Aasne Daniels | Assistant Professor of Theatre
217.245.3451 |
After earning her MFA in Acting from Northern Illinois University, Aasne Daniels spent 1/4 of a lifetime practicing what she now preaches. She worked both semi-professionally and professionally, on large stages and in small storefront theatres, in Chicago and in New York City before moving to central Illinois. She has explored the many and various ways actors in today's world can make a living, from traditional stage and film acting to radio voiceover and audiobook narration. Her passion for teaching yoga soon translated into teaching acting; and now, she coaxes and challenges young actors to realize the untapped depths of their talent. 

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