Illinois College Faculty Committees 2017-2018 Academic Year

The charge of each committee can be found in the Faculty Handbook
Major Committees 
Curriculum Review Committee (CRC)
Division I: Mogle (Div. I Chair) / Hacker-Daniels (Div. I Secretary)
Division II: Arnold, Bryan (Div. II Chair) / Rellinger Zettler (Div. II Secretary)
Division III: Devine, TJ (Div. III Chair) / Burhmann, Jan (Div. III Secretary)
Administration: Representative from Academic Affairs, Registrar representative
Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Committee (RTP)
Barker-Devine (2nd of 3); Estabrook, Bernd (1st of 1); Steenerson (1st of 3); Turner (1st of 3); Wells (2nd of 2); Soma (1st of 1); O'Connell, Provost and Dean of College
Faculty Senate    Adams (1st of 3); Capo, B. (3rd of 3); Jamali (1st of 3); Oldenberg (2nd of 3); Price (3rd of 3); Proffitt (2nd of 2); Spalding, P. (2nd of 3); Streib (1st of 3); Vasquez-O'Brien (2nd of 3)

Dean’s Advisory: Capo, B.; Jamali; Oldenberg; Streib;
Exec. Committee: Capo, B.; Jamali; Streib
Teacher Preparation Committee (TPC) Oberg (program director), Cochran, Garland, Grullon Garcia, Kunath, Lira, Musgrove, Zettler, Representative from Academic Affairs
 Other Faculty Committees
Appeals  Burhmann, Gardner, Laumakis, Marshall, Pasman, Spencer
Athletics Vasquez-O'Brien (Chair and FAR), Schwiderski, Steenerson, Snyder, ex officio, Andrew Jones, Dean's Office Representative
Aguilar, A. Porter (Chair), DelGiornio (2nd), Drake, Homolka, Ward (1st), Students
 Faculty Assessment
Goldman (1st of 3)
Appointed member- Spencer (3rd of 3)
O'Connell (Chair), ex officio
Porter, ex officio

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Mack (Chair), Goldman, Hamilton
Community Member
Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)   
Taylor Porter (1st of 3); Mack (1st of 1); Nahlik (2nd of 3); At-Large Member
Luke Beatty, Library Director, ex officio
Patrick Brown, CIO, ex officio
Student: James Hills
Study Abroad/      
A. Spalding (Chair); Karban, M.; Klein, J. (1st of 3); Andrew Jones, ex officio
All-College Committees on which Faculty Serve
Benefits Hacker Daniels, Div. III Assoc. for 3 year term - TBD, Chandler, Tim Weis (facilitator)
Budget President, Provost and Dean of the College, Dean of Students, VP Business Affairs, VP Enrollment, VP Institutional Advancement, Director of Facilities, CIO, Athletic Director, Controller, Faculty Member appointed by the Senate: Nausser Jamali
College Assessment/Institutional Report Committee
Provost (Chair), Goldman, Spencer, Sweatman, Chipman, Weis, President (ex officio), Student
Early Intervention Group O'Connell, Provost and Dean of College, Andrew Jones, Dean of Students, Coordinator, Carlson, Chipman (or other admission representative), Kuhn, Registrar, Student Financial Services Representative, A. Spalding, International Student Advisor, Homolka, IC Connections Co-Director, Taylor Porter, IC Connections Co-Director, Nahlik, B., Director of the Center for Academic Excellence, Representatives from student affairs (Residence Life, Health Center, Counseling, Career Center), Athletics (generally 3-5 coaches)

Interdisciplinary Program Committees
Environmental Biology & Ecological Studies
Price (coord.), Arnold, Buhrmann, Devine, Elwood, K. Klein, Pasman
Gender and Women's Studies Bryson (coord.), Adams, Kiihne, Riswold, Turner, Udel, Dagan

International Studies    Jamali (coord.), Bryson, Amit, Estabrook, Spalding, P., Wells

Ad Hoc Committees:
FINE ARTS SERIES: Secrist, Allman (chair), Daniels, Mogle, Kramer

Blue Ribbon Panel: Arnold, Capo, N., Dagan, Devine, Gardner, Goldman, Hahn, Mogle, Taylor Porter
Sustainable Foundations Task Force: Brown, Carlson, Chipman, Corey, DeFrates, Drea, Dyson, Farley, Garland, Homolka, Jones, Kuhn, Marshall, O'Connell, Porter, Snyder, Spencer, Sweatman, Valuck, Weis, Wilson

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